Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot and Humid..

It's been awfully hot and humid these past couple of days. That is two "H" words I dislike.........HOT and HUMID. The humidity just wears you down and although I don't mind a little bit of hot weather, this is too much for me. I prefer the cool Fall/Autumn days, and those cool nights. Thankfully dh installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom, so that has helped a lot.

I survived my first day at work. It's funny it's been over a year since I have worked there, but I managed to pick things up without too many problems. Did have an issue with the credit card machine, but the customer knew what was what and walked me through it...LOL

The commute was a heck of a lot better than I thought it would be, only 55 minutes, and the way I went, for the first two thirds of it, through some really beautiful countryside. There are a lot of horse farms in one area, and there are some lovely properties on them........if only I had that type of money!!! For the last third of the journey, city driving with city properties, and city driving {{{{SIGH}}}}

We had some nasty thunderstorms on Sunday and early Monday morning, which resulted in more leaks in the roof {{{{{another big SIGH}}}}} So on the phone to "K" and he will get the roofing guy to pop over and take a look, so no doubt MORE MONEY {{{{{{and an even bigger SIGH}}}}}}

Molly was good, no accidents, and she was very pleased to see us both when we came home. Dh got home before me, as I called in at Shopper's Drug Mart on the way home, to spend my $25 for the referral event. I also treated myself to a bar of Cadburys mint chocolate, I love the combination of mint and chocoloate, also orange and chocolate. It has to be milk chocolate though, no dark chocolate for me, it gives me migraines.

Must say though as I am writing this on Monday night I'm tired, I'm sure its the heat; not the fact that I worked today ;0)


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

You do seem tired Gill - the heat and the humidity are very wearing, especially if it disturbs your sleep. Mint chocolate - mmmmm - I really fancied some a few days ago - now you have reminded me I shall have to buy some later. A

Lakeland Jo said...

Please send some hot weather over our way. We are getting a bit of humidity, a lot of clouds and showers. A bit of heat would be good please. Glad the day working went ok- I was laughing when you said that a customer helped out with the credit card machine. I remember when I worked in retail many moons ago, I went into another shop on my day off and their till had broken down so I had to get behind the counter to sort it out, then I served the queue to get it all under control. Everyone had such a laugh- nowadays it would probably be 'against policy'

mommanator said...

good luck on the job, even with the sighs!teehee

Scrappy quilter said...

Going to be sending more heat your way. It's suppose to be HOT and HUMID here too for the next several days. First time all year though so I don't think we'll complain too much. Don't like this weather either.

Sorry about the roof leaking!!

Tracey said...

I've just found your blog through another i follow.. How exciting that your in Canada from the UK.. a friend moved out there from here ( the UK) 2 years ago and the weather changes have really got her beat lol..

They are in London?
Hope all goes well for you xx

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about heat & humidity. That's our forecast for the next week. I suppose I should be happy it's not raining. But being pregnant and not having air conditioning doesn't work so well for me.

Winifred said...

Hope it cools down a bit for you soon. I hate humidity and luckily we don't get much here on the coast in North Eastern England. Too many cool breezes! Much warmer this year though than our last two summers so I'm not complaining.

Hope work continues to go well for you Gill.

Tea Time With Melody said...

The two H's, I hate them too. I visted the midwest, USA, and just walking out the door I started to drip sweat and my hair went flat. I hated it. I do love living in California if only for the weather.

DeniseinVA said...

It's been hot down here too and like you I look forward to that little nip in the air that the Fall will bring. I'm a Fall kind of person anyhow and really dislike the humidity. It's wearing and on top of what you've been doing lately I can understand why you are so tired. Hang in there, and give that sweet little pooch a scratch on the ears for me.