Monday, August 24, 2009

Are your cabbages ready yet?

I only planted four, so I will not exactly be overrun with them this year!! However we ate one a week or two ago, and on Sunday as it was a bit cooler I decided to make Cheats Version of Cabbage Rolls.

I must say when it goes into the oven it doesn't look that appealing, I think ds said years ago it looked as though someone had been sick, but honestly it is so good. Its also pretty cheap to make as well.

Once again it was good, and there are enough leftovers to feed us another meal, so the original one feeds 4 adults easily.

The full recipe is here and the 50 + 1 Cabbage recipe link is here

I finally finished the book, "The Secret Scripture" by Sebastian Barry, just in time for the book club meeting on September 2nd. I have to say it was hard going, I am going to be interested to see what they are going to talk about, as personally I thought it was long winded!! I am now reading "Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt", by Amanada Mackenzie Stuart, which I am sailing through, probably because its a lot more interesting!!!! I also love to read about the Vanderbilts, since we went to Biltmore Estate a couple of years ago.

I must say though I feel a bit guilty reading when there are a hundred and one other things that need to be done, but I figure they'll still be there the next day, so whatever!!!! Oh and in the Toronto Star on Saturday it mentioned this book: "Middle-Aged Spread: Moving to the Country at 50," by Sonia Day. This book could so be about me and dh, as part of the info printed in the Star says:

"Before her move to the country, Day and her husband "Logbook Man" are heading towards the "dreaded expecteds" a phrase coined by actress Marilyn Lightstone and used to great effect in this book: the time of married life when couples run out of conversation and stare at each other blankly. Buying a dilapidated home far away from the city centre cures Day and her husband of that problem. Money woes, renovation woes, animal infestations and culture shock will keep them in conversation "till death do us part."

Seriously this could be us, as I have talked about running out of money, renovations, well don't get me started with that, as everytime we tackle something, something else happens. Oh and the animal infestations. Well so far its been ANTS, BLUEBOTTLE'S, MICE and goodness knows what else!! The only thing I haven't been to concerned about is the culture shock, although I do have issues with city time and country time!!! I really must see if I can order this through the library.......

Dd got tickets given for the Blue Jays baseball game on Sunday, so dh went with her. Good seats and the Jays won. However they (dh) paid $6 each for a 32 oz cup of Cola, talk about price gouging!! I was glad dh went, as it meant I didn't have to go, as it would have been as exciting as watching paint dry going to a baseball game...LOL


Scrappy quilter said...

If you read that book please let us know if it's good or not. WTG Blue Jays!!

Erin said...

no cabbages in my garden this year...
i will say you have been a trooper with the move and problems and all. one never knows what lies around the corner. hopefully all will settle down and you can really enjoy your country home. we spent yesterday mowing, trimming and such and still not done...i raked up piles of grass trimmings for hubby to bag...and i trimmed weeds from beds...still not done. we have had lots of rain of late and everything has blossomed...weedwise.
have a great week gill.

DeniseinVA said...

Looks great Gill. We love cabbage in this house. Enjoyed your post as always.

DianeLynn said...

love cabbage...but it don't love me