Friday, July 31, 2009

Buddy's Friday - Let's talk Christmas......

I know it's not even August yet, but do you realize that it is only 147 days until Christmas, or 21 weeks? That's not long when you think about it, so it's now time to start and think about it.

I put $20 a week away, every week for Christmas, so my pot is looking quite healthy. For those of you who have not started, why not start and put a little money aside every week. $10 a week will give you $200 saved, by the week before Christmas. If you could put it up to $20 a week, that would be $400, think what you can buy with that $400?

Since moving I haven't really been shopping, so haven't been picking bits and bobs up. We are cutting back drastically this year, the kids are no longer kids, and they have as much money as we have. Infact dd and her boyfriend have already told me what they want a large suitcase each. I of course get a pile of other stuff, but that will be their main gift.

So how are your Christmas preparations going? Are you planning on making anything, or are you buying everything?

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Decadent Housewife said...

Ha! Christmas! Have to get past a wedding first.

MyBulletinBoard said...

I know this sounds cheap, but I'm so tired of trying to think of things to give when everybody already has everything. So, each year I make double-thick hot pads for everybody's kitchen - different color themes each year. They actually use them. Have to mail those. They know we are getting out of debt, so I don't even bother acting like we have money to blow. Give ComputerSon money to pick out his own programmer texts, which he loves. OrganizerSon wants the same things every year; we have the short list memorized, and he's very happy. DH and I don't give each other anything; we'd rather pay bills off. We deserve to be out of debt.

erin said...

a good friday morning gill.
i started to save and some how got side tracked though, there is money put away :)

i usually don't want gifts of the material kind and put that money toward travel to europe in february/march to see my Aunt and Uncle. Would rather have a trip there than any thing else and I really, really don't need a thing at all.

i am already pre-planning for february...i get so excited thinking aboutit.

have a wonderful weekend.
hugs from virginia

Niki said...

we put by $25 per week, and it sure comes in handy!

Kadeeae said...

When I lived in the US I always had an "Christmas Club" account and was so thankful for it come December!

Now, I spend much less on Christmas but still put some aside each week for any last minute extras and a bit towards the 'feast' :-)

Clippy Mat said...

how bloody depressing LOL
21 weeks.
wow i better get saving. thanks for the heads up.

Lakeland Jo said...

I can't bear to think about it never mind save for it. Urggh

DeniseinVA said...

Still getting over the wedding so haven't really focused on Christmas yet, but will probably be looking out for gifts now. I usually buy gifts instead of making them, did years ago but my fingers are too stiff for home-made these days and people live too far away to give them baked goods. The kids get a little gift along with a bit of pocket money. No one in our circle buys anything too over the top expense-wise because there the circle is constantly growing, but I try to keep it tailored to that person's individual taste and hope that they will like it.

that british woman s brother said...

well in our house our lass puts £15.00 away each week and they go towards vouchers that we get end of november £650 and that pays for kids prezzies and chrimbo dinner
not counting all the bargains we buy on e-bay through the year and put away

Scrappy quilter said...

Christmas will be handmade this year. We are cutting way back because we so want a move next year. We love a very simple Christmas because we want to celebrate the real reason for Christmas and that's the birth of Jesus.