Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Money pouring out like water..........AGAIN!!! Allergies, and a baseball story

So days it never seems to end......Tuesday I had to take the car into the garage AGAIN!!! This time to get the C V Boot replaced, so another $290 spent there. This had better be it, as it's getting really annoying now the car constantly having problems.

Then later on in the day we had to have the UV Filter/Light serviced. It's connected to our water softener, and it kills bad things in the water.........well that's my understanding of it. $225 later.....that's what he charged us. Once I got over the shock I decided it was well worth the money..........why........well remember back when we moved into the house and I harped on for ever more about the stupid water softener, and not knowing it was working or not? Well it wasn't working properly and he showed us what was wrong and he sorted that out. He explained how it all worked and what we should or shouldn't do. He then showed us step-by-step how to service the UV Light ourselves, saving us a bunch of money for now on. The bulb is close to $100 (incl taxes) still but at least we will save the $87 service charge. So although it was expensive, if was a well worth expense.

Now for an allergy update. My poor eyes are so sore, as they are constantly tearing up. So as I was at the garage, I called in at the doctors office to see if I could see the doctor, the earliest I could see him, is next Tuesday. So I stood there and said, what should I do in between hands? The receptionist suggested I talk to the pharmacist downstairs. So that is what I did.

The gist of the conversation was the Claritin isn't working, and neither is the HYDROXYZINE HCL that I take at night. So I have to take the HYDROXYZINE HCL three times a day on Wednesday and Thursday, in the hopes it will pump enough antihistamine into my body that is will stop the allergy symptoms. I then can start taking Aerius on Friday, and just take the HYDROXYZINE on a night. I also mentioned to her that I thought I was probably starting with another ear infection and she said that was probably true as I have so much fluid in my head, and to put the drops I have in the ear.

Now the downside of the HYDROXYZINE is that it makes you drowsy. I won't be allowed to drive on Wednesday and Thursday, and I am guessing I won't be fit for much else, especially on Thursday. However if it stops my eyes tearing up and being so itchy I will do anything.

I left a note in my mailbox for our mail lady to let her know if she wanted to pick some raspberries feel free. So she arrived Tuesday afternoon with her husband, both are in their late 70's, early 80's and what a lovely couple they are. They were ever so grateful to pick them and were so looking forward to eating them. I told them to come back next week if they wanted some more. It gave me as much pleasure seeing them picking them, as it gave them to pick them.

Now for the baseball story.....I am not a sports fan. Dh got a pair of tickets given for the Blue Jays baseball for the World Series game back in the 1990's. Scalpers were willing to pay goodness knows what for the seats even in the nosebleed section. I wanted to sell the tickets but dh wanted to see the game. Anyhoo, we sit down and start to watch the game. Well dh watches the game, I am busy watching everything else but the game. I was watching something, then all hell broke loose, everyone was up cheering and clapping, I am still sat there wondering what on earth is going on, and I had missed Joe Carter (I think that is his name??) hitting the winning run (s) and making sure the Blue Jays won the World Series. Needless to say, dh wasn't impressed, and every true baseball fan groans at this story!!!


Lakeland Jo said...

Sorry to hear that your allergies are still causing you bother. Very miserable. I hope you find both a cause and a solution very soon.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Poor you Gill, I so sympathize with you about your allergies. I hope you get some relief soon.

And as for the expense of living in the country, I once called out an electrician when I thought the water pump had broken. It cost me $49 (1986 prices) for him to turn on a switch, LOL


Clippy Mat said...

I remember when we moved house and 'estimated' how much it would cost to do the updates we wanted. We were WAAY under and almost five years later are still spending and updating. It's never ending is it? Never mind, your place is coming on a treat. Hopefully the horrible allergies will improve once you find the right treatment.

Evelyn said...

(((gill)))) have you had your water tested? maybe you don't really need the softener?

Patty said...

I'm telling you, go see an allergist. Have them test you to see what you are allergic to. Believe me it's worth it. It did take me several years for my immunity to start building up for the things I was allergic to. But what a difference. I would wake up at night, tears would just be running from my eyes. I was always stuffy sounding. My throat would feel scratchy and itchy at the same time. My ears would plug up. It was so bad back then, when Abe would mow, and the house was open, I would get to coughing until I actually would upchuck. Now I do the mowing and don't have any problems, but I do take a Benadryl morning and evening. Also when I first started working full time, away from home, I had to deal with the public (adult students)and this one woman called in one evening and as we were talking, I was having an allergy attack, as I called them, and she said, now I know which one you are, you're the one that always has a head cold. LOL It was bad for a while, but thank goodness it's better. Doctor can also give you some cortisone to help you through the worse part.

I feel for you and what you're going through. Just makes a person want to stay indoors, but then I was also allergic to dust and mold and you get that indoors as well as outside. Good luck

Connie Walsh said... are kidding you were there at the big game and you weren't watching.

Lol. We couldn't get tickets but we drove down to get close to TO and stayed in a dive and cheered the Blue Jays on from where we were.

DeniseinVA said...

That's awful about your allergies, so sorry you're having such a hard time of it. Baseball story is funny, I can relate not being a sports fan. Nice story about the couple and you letting them pick the berries, sorry about all the other expenses too. Enjoyed your post Gill, feel better soon.

Decadent Housewife said...

I'm with you on BB. Gave away our Jay tickets for this Sat. I was having a hard time deciding what book to take to read. :)