Thursday, July 23, 2009

A hockey story and other things.......

After yesterday's baseball story, I thought I'd tell you the hockey story. Again, I know nothing about ice hockey and so when dh gets tickets given for the Maple Leafs games he generally takes ds or future son in law. For some reason this one time, neither were available, so he took me. Now these are good seats, pretty close to the ice.

So we go and I get my snacks and settle in, and when the game starts of course after a minute I find it boring and start to watch everything else but the game. A couple of minutes later, I happen to look at the score board thingy and it say 6 - 7??? I am puzzled as I had no idea they had scored that many goals in such a short time. So I ask dh when all this had happened? He points out that they are the "hits on the goal," or something like that??? I haven't been to a game since, or have been invited to one.......and you know what I'm not missing anything!!!

I am quite doped up today with the medication. I was in bed by 8pm last night, as I couldn't keep my eyes open. Dh rang just after 7am this morning, as I am normally up, but I was still in bed. My eyes are a lot better though which is good, but are still tearing up. I can see me having a quiet day though today, which is fine by me, as its pouring down. Infact it may be a perfect opportunity to catch up on everyone's blogs and do some reading.

I spent all yesterday morning picking raspberries with a new friend. I then made a couple of batches of raspberry jam in the afternoon. I have no sugar now, so I can't make any more until I get sugar. One of the neighbours popped over also to pick raspberries, so that was nice.


Clippy Mat said...

might as well have a relaxing day here too 'cos it's also peeing down! what happened to summer in Ontario?

MyBulletinBoard said...

I was thinking about your allergies last night. This might not be a whole LOT of encouragement, but maybe a LITTLE bit: Since you have moved to a new area, perhaps this year you are developing some new immunities, and next year will be better. Happened to me when we moved up here from down there. First year was awful, really awful, but the next season wasn't bad at all. Not much help now, I know, but maybe something to look forward to. Do hope you feel better soon. I know how dreary the drowsies are.

Liz in Texas

Evelyn said...

Gill i can sympathize, i am on meds for my bronchitis that make me drowsy, makes it hard to go to work. Wish i had a neighbour like you to let me pick some raspberries!