Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy, busy, and oh those city folks!!!

Had some friends pop up on Saturday morning to pick some raspberries and blackcurrants. Now "P" drove and when she got out of the car with the other "P" and her son, the first thing she does is lock her who would steal her car while in our driveway I do not know. I thought it was funny, but it got me thinking, I still do that, I automatically lock the car doors. It's inbred into you in the city that everything has to be locked, and you do it without even thinking about it. It made me feel very countrified that I picked up on this, and may be a turning point on me turning from a city girl to a country girl?

Anyhow, they managed to pick a lot of berries, so hopefully they will be busy making things. Then another couple of our friends came by with his mother, who is from Saudi. So some of my berries and a pot of my raspberry jam is going to Saudi next month, which is sort of neat. I do know that we all ate plenty of berries throughout the morning!!

Meanwhile dh was busy with the carpenter putting a hole in the ceiling on the landing. However that job came to a full stop when they discovered a wire going across the hole. So the carpenter left, and me and dh had to remove the wire and pull in another wire. It's been a while since I have helped dh pull in wires. Thank goodness dh is an electrician, so that is saving us some money. It took us a couple of hours to sort that out and the carpenter is coming back on Sunday morning to finish the job. We are hoping that he will have the stairs ready for us to install next Saturday.

The carpenter's wife is going to come by and pick blackcurrants on Tuesday, as she loves blackcurrant jam. I did pick a couple of containers of raspberries for our freezer and a container of blackcurrants for my dad. I hope to make some more raspberry jam this coming week.

So as I am writing this on Saturday night, I have to say I am pooped as its been a busy but good day. I will post a before and after photo of the upstairs landing on Monday's post.


MyBulletinBoard said...

I did the same thing about the locks when we first moved to a small town where many people didn't even lock their doors at night -- and were proud of it. But the sack boy at the grocery told me it was probably a good idea to stay in the habit of locking the car doors since I'd need to be sure to do that when I did go to the city to visit. So I kept locking them. . . . . .Glad you had a nice day and good visit. Liz

Toria said...

That reminds me of going to a friend's 21st birthday party in the country. His parents picked up a group of us from the railway station, we all took most of our gear into the house. But someone left a bag in the car & had to ask for the keys to unlock the door. The look of astonishment on the faces of our hosts was hilarious - we actually locked the car doors???

Also reminds me of my sister using her indicators when she was turning her car around in her own yard - ingrained habit to indicate before turning perhaps.

Clippy Mat said...

I think I would lock my car too - even tho' it wouldn't be necessary. It's part of the way of life for us 'city slickers' now. Hard habit to break.

Scrappy quilter said...

I still do the same thing with the locks Gill. We've had a couple of break-ins about 15 mins. from here and there are so many people moving to our town that the doors automatically get locked. I've been here 7+ years. Actually the police have advised everyone to to so.

Glad you had a nice day. Hope you get your stairs in when expected. Hugs..