Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Meme's.......

I have been tagged by dulwichmum in a meme to list seven words that describe me! Only seven words, and I am guessing they should be honest lovely words!! After reading dulwichmum's words, not sure what I can say, her list was pretty funny.....

So here goes:

Busy - I mean since moving to The Acreage one day seems to run into another. We took possession of The Acreage on April 28th, that's close to three months ago. Where did those three months go too?

Suntanned - Well actually I don't tan I go bright red like a lobster and peel, very attractive!!! Actually it is only my face and arms that are red, as I cover up the rest of my body in the hopes the insects don't feed on me.

Friendly - I have made an effort to be as friendly as possible with everyone around here, well other than the maniacs on the road who are trying to kill me. Oh and the poor police officer who I yelled at the other day.

Protective - I am very protective of my children and husband, despite the fact they are all grown up, I still feel they need me. They may disagree with me but I know better!!!!

Mother - basically the same as above, my children will always need their mother.

Wife - I am of course the perfect wife, who is always as sweet as apple pie, and if anyone disagrees with me (dh), they will suffer.......oops did I say that outloud.

Trier (is there such a word?) - I will always have a go at something even if I have never done it before. And since moving up here, I have tried doing more things than I ever have done.

I saw this meme over at Linda's blog and thought it was a good one to participate in and pass on.

•Sowing seed or Planting : This year I made a small veggie plot. It wasn't much but it was enough to let us have the odd meal straight from the garden.

•Planning for The Future : I have been making raspberry jam, both for us to eat and for gifts. I have blackberry jelly to make when the berries are ready, again for us and for gifts. I want to plan out what to do with the veggie garden next year, and be more organized in the garden. When it gets cooler out and the gardening season slows down I want to start the sewing up again and make a few things as gifts.

•Working for the Future : I am going to apply for a couple of part time jobs, in the hopes I may get one. This will help us bring a little more money in the house, so we can complete more jobs around the house.

•Building Community: I have been culivating friendships with my immediate neighbours, as I believe good neighbours are a blessing. I am joining a bookclub in September, again to cultivate more friendships and network with people.

•Learn a new Skill: I am going to be staining and varnishing the new staircase. This is a job I have never done before. Since moving to this house I have done a few things I have never done before. I want to learn how to make concrete. I have learned how drive a lawn tractor on a hill without rolling it over!!!

If you want to participate in either or both of these meme's please feel free. I won't tag anyone specifically, I'll leave it up to you.


MyBulletinBoard said...

I'm impressed with driving a tractor on a hill without rolling over. That's a biggie! But I'd still want a roll-bar, just in case. Way to go!

Liz in Texas

mommanator said...

nice, but dont think I will try these.

dulwichmum said...

I love it that you are a trier, me too - although my darling man claims that I try his patience, so that's what it means to me! Thanks for taking this on, I know it can be a pain to do memes, but it is a nice way to get to know someone.