Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need your expert advise.........

I planted my two new apple trees on Wednesday. So now I have four apple trees and one pear tree now in my "orchard." One of my questions, is that a couple of the trees have a couple of apples on them. As they are new trees, do I pick these apples this year, or do I leave them on the tree???

Here are a couple of photos. The first photo shows the two new apple trees:

This photo shows all the fruit trees in my "orchard."

(click on the photo for more detail)

I also need help identifying these trees. I am thinking the first two photos are a crab apple tree, as the apples are quite small. I cannot remember what colour the flower was, but think they were white.

These next two photos are of the same tree. The apples seem a little bigger, so not sure if its a crab apple tree or a regular apple tree, how would I find out? Also the apples seem to have some sort of disease, any ideas? I do know that tent caterpillars were in these trees.

These last two photos, are of a smaller tree, again I am thinking a crab apple tree?

One thing for sure, I am going to try and make crab apple jelly, as its supposed to be really good? This recipe sounds simple and easy to follow. Has anyone made crab apple jelly before?

I also pulled out another trailer load of weeds from the veggie garden AGAIN!!! I also dug up a couple of potato tops and there was enough for a couple of meals for us. I then did the most difficult job yet, and it was hard work; I started to pull out the thistles. That was so hard to do, and I wore thick suede work gloves and I still got prickled. Plus my poor arms were all scratched to bits and were bleeding. I figured that as the ground was so wet it would make them easier to pull out?

Also my cabbages and Brussels sprouts are being eaten to death, and I saw white butterflies around them, so my dad suggested spraying water with dish washing liquid in it? I don't want to use pesticides, so will have to give it a try.

My zucchini plants are just so small, I have some flowers on them, but have no idea if I will get any zucchini's from them. The butternut squash have no flowers on them yet, but I am hoping I will get some squash. Its not been the best year for me for my veggie garden.


stitchersanon said...

You may need to test your soil for type (try the finger test: email if you need details) and then treat accordingly and your veggie bed shuld be better next year.
the apples look a little like they have canker which can be treated in the autumn, this will also affect apple size.
Caterpillers: take them off by hand, washing up liquid doesnt really work and it still contains chemicals: you may be better off with a use-once application of bug killer which breaks down quickly. Try putting netting over them next year to stop the butterflies getting to them in the first place.
All good fun lol

Kim Chandler said...

Sorry I can't help you with the apple questions. I am having the same problem with my zucchini - lots of flowers but no edible zucchini yet, all too small or rotten. I think we need a lot more sun, doesn't bode well for the tomatoes either.

Sandi McBride said...

Just make sure you keep them well watered..and I'd go ahead and take the apples off so the tree can put it's energies into putting down good strong roots. Mulch deep to keep down weeds...and make sure that the root ball is a bit above the hole (which should be at least twice as wide as the root ball) because you want to plant the tree, not bury it! Good luck with your you need a couple of cherry trees!!

CannedAm said...

Use a garlic spray as a deterrent for cabbage moth. This fall, plant some garlic liberally throughout the garden. It will help to deter pests and you'll have lots of garlic next year :) There are lots of recipes for garlic sprays on the net.

I would pick the apples. They take a lot of energy from the tree. The tree will use the energy to get strong and develop stronger roots.

Not sure on the others.

I have some recipes for you...can you drop me an email so I have your new email addy?

mommanator said...

I've eaten crab apple jelly, but never made it. We have sometimes made apple sauce with them-too different. we add some reg apples with it

Unknown said...

I think almost all of the Canadian gardens are suffering this year. Some with too much rain, some with not enough, but I think almost all of us are looking forward to some heat. Your veggies - especially the zucchini. I think that the apples may be Rescue crabapples. They are larger than a normal crabapple but smaller than a regular apple. I have used them and they work very well in jelly, pies and sauce. I think if you open up one of the apples you will see the tell tale signs of the worms. You may try banding them in the fall and early spring just as we do here - it is just like they band the elm trees for canker worms. I would take the apples off this year. Next year I would leave them on and the third year I would pick. By the way, you mentioned you have one pear tree - not sure what variety you have, but when I grew them, I had to have two for them to produce any fruit. I agree you need some cherry trees!

Niki said...

Don't have a clue about the trees, sorry, but it looks like lots of info in the comments.

I've made crabapple jelly for years, as we live in a ancient crabapple orchard. Your recipe looks fine. If you want to ensure a good set, the liquid pectin recipe that comes in the box is a good one as well.

The colour of crabapple jelly can go from being a pale pale pink to a deep red depending on the colour of the apple skins, if yours is not a "rosy" enough add a few drop of red food colouring to the pot.