Monday, July 13, 2009

****WARNING**** A doom and gloom post..

read it at your own risk!!!!

So I have been feeling pretty crappy now for the past week or so, what with having the ear infection, and you remember I said I thought I had been bitten on my ear? Well my ears have been itching like crazy, my eyes, I could just gouge them out as they are so itchy, and my nose is equally as itchy, and keeps running. Yes you have guessed right, I have allergies/hay fever. I have never ever had allergies in my life, now all of a sudden I have them???

So I went to the pharmacy on Sunday, as I felt terrible and the pharmacist suggested I start on Clariton, to see how that goes. I got the ones where you take one pill in the morning and that is it. I took one as soon as I got home, as this is just plain horrible. All I could think of, was I moved to the country where we have five acres, most of which I cut and I end up with allergies, it's just not fair.

Also on Sunday morning me and dh spent over two hours in the attic, clearing up the old blown-in insulation, which was just plain icky, dusty and mouse dropping infested. We wore gloves and masks, but even so it was nasty, and that aggravated my allergies to no end. I still have to go up there on Monday to vacuum up the little bits that are left. Poor dh is in so much pain with his shoulders that I can't expect him to work all day and then start in the attic.

Talking of the attic, we had a heck of a thunderstorm on Saturday night, and dh seems to think the roof may be leaking beside where they put the new skylight in. {{{SIGH}}} He's not 100% sure though, as we did have the window open a tiny bit, but we have to keep an eye on that, and dh will call "K" just to let him know.

My car will be the death of me, I swear {{{SIGH}}} The headlight bulb is not broken, its a wire that seems to have been torn. Funny thing is ds friend was replacing something close to those wires last week??? The C V Boot is torn on the side where the strut went, so dh is going to call the garage to have words with them, as that should have been replaced at the same time as the strut was replaced {{{SIGH}}}

I mean if it isn't one thing it's another. Does this sort of bad luck ever end? I was at a point on Sunday, that if someone had said I want to buy your house I would have said where do I sign, as ever since we have moved here its been one thing after another. It has to get better, doesn't it? As at this point it can't get worse..........


Rita said...

There will be times like this and your allergies will make it all seem so large. Get plenty of rest, drink enough water, take a multi vitamin. Exercise some even just stretches. One thing will be fixed at a time. I always need extra time for myself after an episode like this. So if you work outside the home take a day off and if you work inside the home take a couple hours each day for yourself. One day at a time it will all get better.

stitchersanon said...

I think you are tired and just need to have a break and some perspective. I know they seem bad but they really are little things..just lots of them.
Your allergy sounds like a response to the insect bite. I have not had hayfever for years and years, but whenever I am bitten by the little bog midgies I go straight into major hayfever symptom hell. I even thought it was the dog causing it at one stage but no...only when I am bitten.
Clarityn is OK but I find the dailies stop working on me after about 6 hours. If this happens try piriton (6 hourly tablet) or loratadine or clariton syrup which you can have 10 mls of daily. I just have 5 mils in the morning and 5 mils at just as well.

These are all things that happen when you move into a new for the car. Well it is sods law that the car will always go wrong when you least need it to.

You have an infection, are tired and feel like pooh. Sod the world and spend a day in bed with some good mags and just be selfish and take some me time. (it is only selfish when a woman does this..I have noticed it is OK when men do it lol).
Feel better soon

Connie Walsh said...

Maybe another staycation like going to that open market would be in order??

There is a cream that you can put inside your nose (Chloraseptic Allergen Block) that may help your allergies. I don't know if it is available in Canada but I saw a blog contest for it and it looked cool.

Praying for you. I love reading your blog because someday I hope to get done in a week what you get done in a day.

Lakeland Jo said...

Oh dear. You sound fed up. If you are tired and not feeling great all those damned little things that go wrong seem to grow to epic proportions. You are probably experiencing post move stress and fatigue, and when it all straightens out it will be worth it. Honest. Trust me.
If you feel the same in October- we'll talk again........

Arija said...

I think the allergies just point to absolute irritation at having to do so much work and it all seems to be going on and on. Start enjoying your surroundings instead off wanting everything finished and perfect. What's the hurry? What are you going to do when it all is finished, sit on the porch and drink tea all day long? Take it easy, and start enjoying the journey. There is nothng worse than not having anything left to do...then there is no reason to get out of bed any more.

stitchersanon said... has been decided. Go have a break. Moving at a slower pace is part of the fun of living in the country..that is what townies think. Actually it is cus there is so much work to do ALL the time, the only way to survive it is to have time out and go slow. We all say the same thing. Go to bed, watch a movie, give yourself a few days to get over that infection. Or we will all come over and make you!

Decadent Housewife said...

Yeah, allegies make life miserable. Have you thought about looking into traditional Chinese medicine?

Scrappy quilter said...

Dh has allergies here too and they are the worse they've ever been this year. To make matters worse, he pulled up a rug on stairs and they've gotten even worse.

Please see a doctor in regards to your ear infection. That just can't go on Gill. I too think you are tired from all the work and need to take a break. Take a day trip where you can just go and have fun, relax and enjoy yourself. Go where you don't think about anything having to be done around your place.

Sending good thoughts your way and lots of hugs.

erin said...

ms gill
these are the unforseen things that happen when you purchase a home. you know that certain things are in a state of repair but then it multiplies (like those tribbles on the old star trek episode).
when we bought this last house we did not forsee any problems but one by one it started. first the radon thingie, then the water heater, then this and that...and of course hubby still complains to this day that these things should have been pointed out in the inspection. alas.
you will get a handle on the allergies eventually (probably a lot of it is that attic stuff and the mousies)...and i am sooo sorry you are still suffering with the ear infection (i used to get horrible ones that made me want to rip my dang ear off). it too, shall pass.
hang in there ... this to shall pass.

Unknown said...

I would think once your done with the house attic your allergies might get better. I agree with some you really need a week long break to just relax. Neti pots (sp) work well for allergies also you might try that. Murphy will eventually leave you and your house alone. I hope you feel better soon {{HUGS}}

Patty said...

First thing you need to do is see an allergist. I never doctored for allergies until I was around 52. One reason our hospitalization we had didn't cover it, but after I started working full time when I was 50, I had good coverage. I started taking allergy shots every week, in fact I took three at one time. I was allergic to so many things, they were trying to build up my immunity to what I was allergic to. Believe it or not, it worked, I finally was down to taking the shots once every three weeks. When I asked the new allergist how long he thought I would have to continue the shots, my allergist I liked retired, he acted as though I was judging his being a doctor. He retested me and said I was still allergic to everything but not as severely. So when I got back home, I called my family doctor and told him about it, and told him once the vaccine got to his office, I would take the shots until the vaccine was used up, but I wanted to see if I could go without the shots, and believe it or not, I've been able to by taking a Benadryl morning and evening.

Everything you worked on in the attic probably did irritate it even though you wore a mask and gloves.

Good luck with it, remember to wear a mask when mowing and when finished remove the clothes and shower right away. We have two daughters that have to do that.

Clippy Mat said...

don't give up Gill, i'm sure all of those little annoyances will settle down. perhaps you have been working so hard with all of it you need a few days of r and r for YOURSELF!
hope things pick up again soon. take care :-)

DeniseinVA said...

I think it's popularly known as sod's law or Murphy's law down here, and these bad stretches seem to come in one big clump. I know because we've been there before. I hope when you wake up in the morning your run of bad luck will have changed to good and do hope you feel better soon also. You definitely need to take care of yourself and slow up a bit. By the time you're over all this the work will still be there but you'll be better able to deal with it if you're back to 100 percent. Sounds like your run down too.

mommanator said...

when you spoke o the allergies I wonderedif you had remembered the attic. Bet as soon as thta project is completely done oyu will back to new. AND if ya want a nice home in the country ,sort of I have one for sale Teehee,
I've always said with a house its always something, just yours have been magnified!
I agree with Gainor, take a break!