Friday, July 3, 2009

Not sure if this is a good thing or not?

Got up this morning and there were no dead mice in my traps? So now what? Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated.........

I had to go into town on Thursday to run some errands. I made a slight detour on the way home and called into a super little store called Granny Taught Us How Now I could have spent a small fortune in there, but restrained myself and only bought a couple of things, plus a birthday present for a friend. The restaurant is supposed to be good, and is always busy, we may treat ourselves one day and go.

When I got home things went downhill very fast. I have been trying to get a quote for a skylight and some roof work off this company for at least three weeks now. The sales guy has been out twice now to the house, and last Friday when he came out, as I wanted him to talk to dh, as dh had some questions, he told me he would email me a quote for Monday. Monday came and went, nothing. Tuesday he called first thing to confirm my email address and said I would have it that morning. I sent him an email so he had my email address, and by lunch time nothing. Called him again, and he said the secretary was super busy, but would have it to us by the end of the day. Of course we didn't get it by the end of the day Tuesday and they were closed Wednesday for Canada Day.

So once again I call him Thursday morning and he says, the secretary is super busy but will have it to us by 1pm. By 2:15pm, still don't have it, and so I call the company itself to see what is going on and she is in a meeting. The woman I talked to couldn't understand me????? I mean it was laughable, I have never ever had someone who had so much difficulty understanding me in years. I do talk with a British accent, but it is intertwined with a lot of Canadian pronunciations as well. Anyhow she said she would send it too me, by 3:30pm, still haven't got it. So call the sales rep and leave him a message saying, I have no idea what on earth is going on, but I am disgusted at the way I am being treated, and obviously they don't want my business, and to call me.

Well of course no one has called me. So we got back on the phone to "K" and he's coming round on Friday to re-quote us. It would have been easier and less aggravating to have him just do it in the first place. Meanwhile, the guy that came to look at putting in the new staircase on Wednesday has already provided us with a quote, which is more like it!! I'll tell you more about him and the work he does over the next couple of weeks.

We managed to get the log store finished off on Thursday night. I am supposed to be having three bush cords of wood delivered today, so I guess I am going to be busy stacking that? If they arrive!! I'll take photos, as it's going to be interesting to see exactly what three bush cords look like. We had a big branch fall off one of the trees on Wednesday night, so there will be more firewood to chop up there.

It's dh's Canada Day today (Friday) so we are going to be busy!!! Have a good Friday.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm sorry, but when the quote wasn't in by day two that would have told me all I needed to know about their business practices...they don't have any! And they certainly wouldn't have any of mine if they undercut the next guy by half...poor business ethic is poor work ethic! Keep us posted!

JudiB said...

Not to mice will find you. Did you try those plug in senors I told you about from Home Hardware. Honestly they do help. Worth the money.
Sure hope you stay away from someone that can not get a quote to you better than that company. (Gotta love Mike Homes "HGTV" and his advice)
You will be some tired after stacking 3 cords..take your time.

stitchersanon said...

Move the traps. Mice will not use the same runway for a few days after there have been deaths in the family lol. Just move then next to another wall and after a few days put them back.
Rats are even cleverer. If they smell a particular bait on a fellow rat that has died, they wont eat it.

Scrappy quilter said...

It's all about country living. It's the same here. They get here when they do and we've had to learn to take them as they come. Otherwise, for us we'd have to get someone from the city and that would be even more expensive because then they charge you mileage and way highter labour costs. The contractors here are on their time. They do awesome work and their prices are okay. It's just they don't wear watches, I'm convinced of it.

Hope you have a great weekend and remember take some time to relax and enjoy your spectacular homestead.

Patty said...

If the man is that slow getting a quote to you, think how he might have done the job, if he was ever able to get around to doing the job. You are better off going with someone else. I would still keep a couple of traps set, back out of the way, just in case.