Sunday, January 1, 2023

Welcome 2023....

Happy New Year to you all.

I have to admit I am glad to see the back of 2022.  It's been a year of a lot of health issues for various members of the family.

Is it me or was there a lot of celebrity deaths this past week or two?  It seemed to be one person after another who died.  I will admit I am one of those people who does read the obituaries.  I also enjoy reading the article in the newspaper about which famous person died in which month every year.

The day we flew out to the UK was the died the Queen passed away.  That was interesting watching the funeral.  Although we didn't watch it all as we had booked afternoon tea at a hotel in the Lake District.

Not sure how this post turned out to be a post about death?  

I am hopeful 2023 will be a positive year.  I will be copying birthdays and anniversaries from my 2022 calendar to my 2023 one today.  I also generally make a list of things to do around the house for the year.  I try and preplan as much as possible.  We did get ahead of the game with our jobs/things to do in 2022, as we ended up replacing my car and redoing the roof in 2022.  Both of those things were supposed to happen in 2023.

However dh found a hole in the roof, so that HAD to be fixed.  I had a funny noise happening with my car that no one could fix, so we decided to cut our losses and replace the car. 

Here's hoping you all have a productive, healthy and loving 2023! 


angela said...

Happy new year. Hope this year is a better year health wise
I was saddened by the death of the queen. She’s the only monarch I’ve ever known.
I look forward to seeing the coronation this year of King Charles

Angela said...

Happy New Year!

Joy said...

A very happy new year to you too, Gill - may it be a good and happy one for you. xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy New Year, to you and your family! Here's hoping it will be a good one for us all.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

A very very Happy New Year to you Gill! That's great you got ahead on some of the bigger jobs. And yes, so many celebrity deaths in the last month especially. xo

Jenn Jilks said...

Personally, I am hoping for an uneventful year!
Happy New Year!

My Piece of Earth said...

A very happy new year to you too, Gill, and family.

Hubby had health issues later in 2022, both of us have escaped Covid, so far, fingers crossed it stays like way. Family members have had it, with no nasty after affects, so thankful for that.

I plan on doing more things for ME in 2023, have neglected to do that during the past three years. Time now to do something before it's too late.

Rachel said...

A happy 2023 to you! It was definitely a year for losses of people who have been in our lives for Queen Elizabeth, Barbara walters, etc. I hope this new year brings you much happiness!

Jeanie said...

I always read the obits and always notice how year-end seems to bring a lot of deaths. Ihope you get your roof fixed and all will be well in 2023. Happy New Year!

William Kendall said...

Happy New Year to you.

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