Saturday, January 28, 2023

Controversial Subject......

Over the past week or two I have ran across a couple of video's and articles on the following:

"How often do you change your bedsheets?"

It's funny when watching the video's as to how defensive people are about this subject.  Add in these questions:

"How often do you change your pajamas/nighties?"

"How often do you wash your bath towels?"

Then all hell breaks loose.  As we all know there is no wrong or right answer, it's personal preference.

So here are my answers:

Bedsheets : every Friday........though I would love to have clean line dried cotton sheets on my bed every night.......however that is NEVER EVER going to happen!

PJ's and Nighties : Monday and Friday

Towels : Monday and Friday

I wash four times a week.  Monday and Friday, it's whites/towels/bedding that sort of thing.  Thursday and Sunday it's colour's eg. hubby's work clothes.

Your turn😁


Practical Parsimony said...

I would like to have my sheets changed everyday, too. However, because of mobility problems, they get changed each week or every other week. I have four light, summer nightgowns and four fleece, long-sleeved nightgowns. I wash my nightgowns, panties, and towels and washcloths once a week. The nightgowns are worn two nights and then put in the wash. I wash those weekly. I wash light clothing once a week and dark clothing once a week. However, I have more dark clothing so, maybe every ten days for darks. Sometimes, the dark clothing is only black items. Two of my winter nightgowns are dark, so they are in with dark clothing. Regardless of when my sheets are washed, I do change the pillowcase every few days.
The kitchen linens are washed about once a week or when they are about gone from the shelf. If I get into something messy, like blueberries, I may wash the dishtowels and dishcloths sooner. I know it sounds complicated. Tommy washes his own clothing separately, but he puts darks, towels, and good shirts all in one washer. It makes me crazy.

Donna said...

Well, let's see...
Sheets: weekly but with all my running to doctors with my sister, lately it's bee about once every two weeks
PJ's: twice a week
Towel: weekly
Bathing at our age dries the skin out too much so we bathe twice a week in Winter and a little more in Summer.

Angela said...

It is 'personal preference' as you say. But I'm increasingly convinced that we do too much laundry. And it cannot be good for the planet. So many "pods" shedding microplastics into the ocean, the strong chemicals in stain removers and fabric conditioners, and the dryer sheets going into landfill. Not to mention the clothes we wear releasing microfibres into the environment every time they are washed. If an outer garment isn't heavily soiled, it can be hung and aired and worn again. (obviously clean undies daily are preferable!) And I understand the extra washing for mums of small children (who are not fully toilet trained, and spill their dinners, and get messily as they playl But all these added fragrances are just advertisers' hype. "clean" clothes do not need smells added to them... But I have friends who feel the opposite, and wash everything frequently - their machines are on most days. Life is too short, the planet too precious for me to be laundry-obsessed !

Joy said...

Bedding - once a week although how I love it when I stay away and the bed gets changed every day. Luxury! However, while I have to wash, dry and iron the things, it's once a week.

Bed clothes - it varies, depending on how hot it is, ranging from every other day to about twice a week.

Bath towels - once a week, with the bedding, but the little towels I use when I wash my hair go straight in the laundry basket afterwards.

I do between three and four loads of washing a week (it's just me at home). Whites, colours, bedding and towels/kitchen.

Belinda said...

I do mine weekly too. 😊

Hawaii Planner said...

I have two teens that both play sports. My husband & I work out every day as well, so there's plenty of laundry happening at our house. We wash the sheets weekly, & towels 2x/week. I don't sleep in anything :-), but I do have "lounge about the house" clothes. I change into those when I get home from work. I wash those usually 2x/week, but often more, as I'm meal prepping, etc & they can get dirty.

My Piece of Earth said...

Everything in separate loads once a week.

Nighties and PJ's never, if you get my drift.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Yes, I've heard it was quite the topic that went viral in the last couple weeks! I would like to say I do everyone weekly, in all truth the way I rotate it everyone except the youngest is every other week. The youngest is every couple days due to medical needs and spills.

Bed clothes twice weekly.

Kitchen cloth & bathroom hand towel I change daily. Everyone's own bath towel, weekly.

We are a household of 5 and I would say we do 5 loads of clothing weekly, one load of towels and 2 loads of bedsheets/pillow cases etc. So about 8 loads/week.

Meg B. said...

Bedsheets - Every Friday, for the entire house, Wednesday AND Friday for our bed. Only white, 100% cotton sheets allowed, kids all have full size (a.k.a. double) beds, so it's one load in, and easy back on.
P.J.'s - I only sleep in white, 100% cotton, short, sleeveless nightgowns. These get worn once.
Towel - Kids(except DD) use a towel once, toss it in the laundry. I try to wash our (white)master bath towels at least weekly, but often forget to grab them as I toss our sheets in.
Bathing - We all shower daily--kids are teens, young adults, so the boys reek if they don't shower, and DD's hair gets oily. I shower before getting dressed for the day. I also, because I have allergies/atopic dermatitis, take a quick shower before slipping into a clean nightgown and getting in bed. I don't wear my nightgowns ANYWHERE but bed, and I don't allow anything on my bed, EVER--except cats and DH. Woe betide he who goes on my bed with street clothes...(Cats, oddly enough, don't cause problems with my skin.)
All this to say there's plenty of laundry and water being run in my house. I'd like to limit it somehow, and, to be fair, the kids can get in and out of their showers quickly.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sheets and towels weekly same as you.
I sleep in my birthday suit so I wash it daily😀

William Kendall said...

Once a week, with the rest of my laundry.

Caree Risover said...

Oh dear, your own schedule and those in the comments have certainly made me feel embarrassed! If I'm going to be defensive then all I can say is I bathe and shower regularly so am never dirty when I retire to bed.

Jackie said...

PJ's twice a week, towels are washed every two weeks (I have lots of sets so just change them out). Sheets are the same as towels they are washed every two weeks but I change them weekly.

God bless.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We're retired and don't do anything to get really dirty (shower every other night) so perhaps I should be ashamed to admit our sheets get done every three weeks in the winter and more often in the summer if it's hot. It seems to work for us at our stage of life.
It was interesting to read through the comments on this one!

Jenn Jilks said...

It is an interesting notion. I heard Oprah talking about changing her sheets every 2 days. But she has peeps to do that.

I'm with Angela, as we do a lot of laundry these days. I don't feel that, though, since we are on well water. I think of the old pioneer days when things were much different.

Jackie McGuinness said...

I would love fresh sheets every day but it's not going to happen. Sleep in my birthday suit too, PJs are for lounging on weekends.
I change my bath towels at least twice a week, sometimes more. I have lots so they get washed when they do!

Maggie said...

Catching up on my blog reading today.
Yep, change the bedding once a week,on a Sunday, but like you it would be one of the things I would like to do everyday, if I were rich enough to employ someone, lol. PJ's are changed three times a week and I do all my washing on Monday's, except for hubbys work clothes which are done on Fridays when he comes home.
I suppose it's a personal thing

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