Sunday, January 8, 2023


Got a Costco membership from the kids for Christmas.  Went to activate it the other day and had a wander around the general merchandise area to see what there is.

We had a membership through dh's work many moons ago, and from what I could see it hasn't changed too much.  Our location is ALWAYS busy, but my neighbour works there and told me to go on a weekday for 9am, so I did.  I personally thought it was still busy but I am no expert.

As there is only two of us living in the house we don't need huge quantities of things.  However some people, including the woman who activated my membership (there was only her and her hubby) swear by Costco.

So I need advice.  If you are a Costco member what things do you always buy there?

I know my kids will use it; they'll have to drag me along though!!  I just hope I can get the benefit from it.


angela said...

I do think unless you buy in bulk it’s really not worth it.
Well for me it isn’t as it’s just too far away. Any savings would be lost in fuel expenses
If you could get together with your kids and bought stuff in bulk to share you might see some benefit

Joy said...

I um and ah about Costco occasionally but I don't think it would be worth it, not for me living on my own.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

My honest impression is that while certain things are definitely cheaper (I can get double the yoghurt for 1/2 the price for example, same with shampoo/conditioner, clementines, cheese etc), and the quality is very very good, you have to be exceptionally disciplined to shop there and have it save you money because there is so much other stuff to buy. Sure the clothing is good quality and cheaper than other stores, but if you didn't need nor plan to spend $ on clothing, it's still spending.

I put some $ aside each month to go to Costco with family 2-3x a year. I only spend the $ I have and take a list. We had this discussion in our local parents group and most said they can't leave Costco without spending $300+. So while it does save you money per item, I think you have to be very very disciplined to use the store wisely and not go down the path of unplanned spending.

Should also say it's a good place for larger purchases due to quality and good return policy. Our family member uses Costco for furniture, outdoor things, electronics, even travel.

Erica said...

Tomato sauce, olive oil, frozen fruit for smoothies, Balderson old cheddar cheese to name a few. Just two of us here but I have a cold room so often get things at Costco-I love having some in the cold room and not having to think about whether I need to buy it each week. We also eat a lot of salads so I get fresh salad veggies at Costco (the tubs of organic salad greens are far cheaper than the grocery store here). Oh and the random things I didn't know I needed if I go down the non-food aisles :-).

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We have a membership but plan on letting it go mainly because we have to travel over an hour to get to a store. We always liked their paper products (Kirkland) of toilet paper, facial tissues, and paper towels and often would buy one of their cooked chickens. Although we've never used it, I understand their pharmacy is quite reasonable. It's a great place to wander but most of the packaging is too much for us to use in a timely manner (or store it, for that matter). If we didn't have to go so far to get to a store we would go regularly I think but because DH has issues with sciatica now our car trips are for necessities only and we can't justify Costco as being a necessity.

Karen said...

Pet food and cheese are our go to purchases. Of course we always check out with WAY more than the two items we went for.

Cheryl said...

I use ours for toilet paper, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, kitchen garbage bags and love their rotisserie chicken.

Margie from Toronto said...

I have a membership with a friend (she drives) - I went halfs with her last year to help her get the lower priced gas. I've only been about 3 times. It's just me so yes, some of the sizes of things are a bit overwhelming and it always seems to be busy.
The couple of things that I've found to be a good price are nuts, spices, cheese, baked goods and some frozen foods. Sometimes my friend and I will split an item and that also helps. You do have to know your prices though as some items are cheaper at the regular grocery stores.
I'm still debating if it is worth renewing for this year.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have purchased clothing, rugs, blankets, food, wine and outdoor furniture. There are only 2 of us as well but we do get paper towels and TP. Always pick up a rotisserie chicken (omg I don't know what they do to them but they are far better than anywhere else and cheaper - get many meals out of it) We used to get eggs there before the bird flu caused this high cost of eggs. Wine, bacon, hot dogs etc. We freeze a lot and then have it when we need it. I do shop there far less these days but only because of the costs of things right now. I love Costco.

50 and counting said...

I share a membership with one of our sons. We often split large packages of things like cheese and nut snacks for on the go, or bottled drinks.

Here are some examples of what we've started buying there.

Shaving foam for the husband 4 can pack for roughly $10

Disposable razors, 24 for 19.99 (the same brand that he'd been buying at Superstore 4/8.99). The handles are slightly different but the blade quality is the same. The razors alone have justified the membership.

Sausages. Got a kilo for around $16. Same product at Superstore is over $25.

Bottled flavoured water, think Ice or H20 brand 24 for $16. $1/bottle in Walmart. I know it's a luxury but it's still better than $2.50/bottle at work.

You do have to be disciplined and know your prices and your likes/dislikes.

Oh, before I forget. Pate. $6.99 a package in the supermarket when you can find it. Costco had a bundle of four varieties for $11.99 just before Christmas!

Dishwasher tablets are half the price.

Oh, and they sell cold roast chickens for $5.99!

Hawaii Planner said...

Vitamins, olive oil, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, garbage bags, dish soap, rotisserie chicken, bananas (consistently lower than the stores near us). We also really like their meat, & buy it in large packs & then freeze. Dairy, meat, produce, etc are consistently lower than the standard price at our stores, but not as low as a monthly ad sale from the grocery store.

Maggie said...

I think we have a Costco, but it's quite a few miles drive so I've never been. My youngest daughter has been a few times, my understanding is that it's good for bulk buying or if you are perhaps catering for a party?

William Kendall said...

The ones here are in outlying areas. I have no car and live alone. It would make no sense to patronize them.

Jackie said...

I gave up our membership this year. There are a few things that we would purchase because they were less expensive, but driving 2 hours became a bit of a problem and we were not using our membership enough.

I have also found that in a few cases Walmart sells the same bulk item for a bit less actually.

God bless.

Stella said...

We have a Costco membership and have had one for several years. We only go once a month. Things we get is a lot cheaper then in the grocery store.

Jeanie said...

Our membership was a gift membership and comes due in February. I'm trying to decide whether or not to renew it because we are just two as well. I buy nuts there and baking things -- flour, etc. (But it takes me a LONG time to use it, except at Christmas and even at that, still a long time); books (a small selection but good prices if there's something I want); vitamins, cough drops and tylenol, that sort of thing -- excellent prices and we use a lot); parmesan cheese. If I was younger and entertained more, I'm sure I'd pick up large things of salsa or dips or hummus but with two of us, we don't go through it fast enough. We don't have adequate storage to buy the quantities of food to break up and freeze. Toilet paper and Kleenex are good bargains.

If I stop our membership I will be buying double the paper products (it will get us through the summer or beyond!) and more tylenol and ricola drops. We'll see.

Kathy said...

I understand that optical prices (eye glasses) as well as car rental prices are excellent (if you travel and need a rental car costs have gone up at "normal" businesses). Haven't ever visited Costco but I am a single person.

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