Saturday, January 7, 2023

Covid made me do it!

I stopped dying my hair during covid.  I am now my natural "colour", grey with more and more white the older I get.  Do I look older; yes.  Would I dye my hair again, no...wish I had decided to do it earlier.

I really need to have my hair cut, but I am waiting to see if any coupons arrive in the mail.  I hate paying full price for a hair cut, I am cheap that way😉

Do you dye your hair?

I went on Thursday and had my 3rd booster, so now I have had 2 covid vaccinations and 3 boosters.  Hubby got covid in May of last year.  I refused to keep away from him.  We slept in the same bed, stayed in the same room, etc.  I was lucky that I didn't catch Covid.  I am the only one in our immediate family who hasn't caught it (touch wood!!)

Have you had Covid?  Did you have a mild dose or were you really sick?


Joy said...

I think your hair is a lovely colour. No, I don't colour my hair, I like it the way it is really.

Yes, I had covid last spring but it was really very mild and symptoms were light. It was ages before I tested negative though - very boring.

angela said...

I no longer dye my hair. And I’ve got lots of greys coming through. I don’t care
I finally got covid about two months ago. And I got it from the youngest granddaughter so I don’t care
I had one day of lots of body pain, but that was it. I did have a cough for a week or so but that when away after that.

Angela said...

I caught covid really early on, before the UK went into lockdown. I was fairly ill (lost sense of smell) Bob caught it from me and was very poorly. We're OK now, thank the Lord.
I too stopped dyeing during covid. My hair is about 50‰ grey now. My daughter gave me some purple shampoo which keeps the grey nice and silvery. My complexion is getting paler - so going back to the chestnut brown of my youth would look odd (My auntie dyed her her raven black till she died. It didn't look right... Strangely Gothic horror to be honest!)

Maggie said...

I still get my hair coloured, I don't feel ready to embrace the grey yet, lol
Yes I had covid once, last October, wasn't too bad with it. I've only had one jab, if I'm honest I felt pressured into having that and after having a vertigo attack a few weeks later and being told that yes it was probably the vaccine that caused it, I refused to have anymore.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

I love the hair, Gill! I got my first cut in years that I didn't do myself, quite recently. I'd forgotten how wonderful it is!

Oh yes, we lasted over 2 years with no one getting it, then we had only one person get it at a time spring - only 2 of us got it but a month apart so not from one another. But then this fall....whoosh! I think we all got it though only 3/5 tested positive. Glad to hear you've avoided it so far. No one here had it, as mentioned, for a good two years. Too bad our luck didn't continue. We've all had as many shots as our ages allow. I am due for 5th soon but they like you to wait after having had covid.

Hope you find that coupon soon!

Dee said...

I stopped dying my hair sometime in my 40s. I wear my hair short and keeping up with the roots was a full time job. I'm in my late 60s now. Most of my hair is still brown. There is a white streak in the front and a sprinkle of white all over. I like it.

We managed to avoid Covid until New Year's Day. Steve got it first (mild). I got it next and ad a pretty rough couple of days. Our son got right after me and he's having a pretty hard time. Even the cat caught it, but he was only sick two days. We are all on the mend and hoping to never get THAT again.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I never have dyed my hair although when I first started going grey I got highlights a couple of times. I thought it was too expensive (hate to think how much it is now!) and gave up on it after a couple of times. Since covid hit DH has been cutting my hair and doing a great job. I often wonder how much $$ we've saved!
Touch wood, haven't had covid yet and hope we don't. Odds aren't in our favour though. We're fully vaccinated and continue to mask and sanitize and don't see that stopping anytime soon.

My Piece of Earth said...

Many years ago, on the urging of a friend, I dyed it. A perm had been applied a couple of weeks previous, there must have been some of the chemicals in my hair because it turn orange. It lasted longer than any dye I have ever known.

Several family members and friends have had covid, I have been fortunate to avoid it so far, fingers crossed it stays that way. Waiting for the end of the month for my fourth short.

Have a great weekend.

T'Pol said...

I stopped dying my hair too. I have silver hair only on the front framing my face. The rest of my hair is my natural dark brown color. I still have a couple of inches of dyed hair at the bottom but, I refuse to go to a salon before the Spring. I got Covid last November and it was mild. Right now SIS has it. Her case is mild too.

JiCaLu said...

I do dye my hair- but just for fun. I have a decent amount of gray, and I don't commit to consistently covering up my roots - way too expensive. And I have had covid, last Easter! We all got it here at home - most of my family has had it. I am on my 3rd booster as well! :)

Jenn Jilks said...

I used to dye my hair. Then I just put in swatches of bright colour for fun. I stopped.
I was cutting my own hair during COVID. I get anxious with people. It's been tricky.
No COVID here. My daughter, her daughter caught it. My sons family in Vancouver, got it.

Cheryl said...

I call my son the weakest link and he gave my husband covid who didn't mention he was feeling bad and slept with me and I got it. Know some people get very sick but for the 3 of us it wasn't bad. Slight back pain, very little cough but no smell or taste for me. Didn't feel like cooking.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

During lockdown 2 yrs ago I couldn't color my hair so I let it go natural. Some days I love it, some I think I should color it again but I don't miss spending $200 every 5 weeks!!
No, I have not ever had covid and neither has my husband. Yet.

Stella said...

No I don't dye my hair. My hair was totally white by my late 40's. My dad's mom hair was totally white by her mid 30's. I just embraced the white hair. Hubby and me have been lucky not getting covid. We've been vaccinated. Both of us have preexisting conditions.

Karen said...

I stopped dying my hair 15 years ago. It is greying blonde. I wish I had the beautiful pure white hair of my siblings. We were all redheads as youngster, but they were much paler than me. I was more auburn.
I haven't had Covid. When things are floating around I stay home.

Jeanie said...

I dyed my hair for many moons and stopped during Covid. I also didn't get it cut. In my "year in review" post I'm working on, I'll have a pic of the before and after. I do look older and I miss it a bit -- or at least the mix of it, as every time I get it cut, it seems to get whiter! But it's so darned easy now -- and lots less expensive. Can't argue with that!

I haven't had Covid yet. Rick did. He was pretty miserable but they said it was a pretty mild case. One of my dear friends was in the hospital in a coma for more than three months and a year later is still re-learning how to walk. I don't want it. So, I'm still masking, fully vaxed and do my best to be careful. It's probably just a matter of time.

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