Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is going on with this weather and other odds and ends.

A couple of morning's last week we had a touch of frost on the ground, now today its to get to 30 oC with thunderstorms? Its the first day of Fall today, and it feels more like the middle of summer?

People say there isn't such a thing as Global Warming, but I don't believe them. The weather is all over the place and it never used to be like that.

The one good thing with having a mild September though is that we haven't had to put the furnace on. I checked our oil tank gauge the other day and its closer to half full than three quarters full, which isn't bad. So we're hoping not to have it filled until the end of October, which means it has gone six months without being filled.

Molly killed her first mouse on Sunday afternoon. We (me and Molly) went down the old basement and the mouse was sitting in the middle of the floor, so she went for it. I must say I was kind of surprised as I didn't know she would actually kill it, but she did. So I have put a couple of traps down there, just have to make sure Molly doesn't get amongst them, otherwise she'll have a sore nose when one of them goes off!! I caught one under the sink the other day, not sure how long it had been dead for as I hadn't checked the traps for a few days.

We are still plagued with cluster/bluebottle flies, its driving us crazy. I bought some sticky fly paper that you stick to the windows and some spray. I think as long as we have the attic in bits its not going to help the situation. Talking of the attic, my dad was up on Monday to help dh out in the attic. They took the ceiling joists down (not all at once, one at a time....LOL) and re-aligned them and shimmed them where possible. They also made a start on the knee walls shimming them. We're hoping my dad has time to pop up later in the week to finish that job off with dh. Our goal is to get the insulation and the plastic up before it gets really cold.

There are still a lot of small fiddly jobs to do though, that are time consuming, including wiring for the electrics, some plumbing pipes are to move, the under floor is to sort out and a pile of other little things. All I do know at the end of it all we will have a super room, and it should add value to the house. Also when its hot and humid you can only work up there until lunch time as it gets so hot, so for the next couple of days we won't be doing much up there.

I think I mentioned the other day we exchanged our whipper snipper at Rona for another one. Well by Saturday the engine had gone on it, so we took it back and got our money back on it, which I must say I was sort of surprised they took it back??? So we're going to get a professional one from Elmira Farm Supply, as we need an industrial strength one we have decided, as we have industrial strength weeds!!! The only down side to that is its $450 for the whipper snipper, $33 for the conversion kit so we can use a blade and another $30 for a blade. We've gone through two whipper snipper's from the big box stores, so its no good buying a cheap one. We're looking at a Stihl FS85R that's why it is so expensive. HOWEVER, if any of you have a better idea I am all ears, as we don't have the $600 its going to cost (including the taxes) to purchase this one.


Jenn Jilks said...

I think the proper term ix "Climate Change", since the weather can go either way!

I don't like the unpredictable nature of it. You get your brain around morning temperatures of 6+, and this a.m. it is 18 C.!

The dry weather we have had is symptomatic of the whole thing. That and the buckets of rain in July! I fear for our planet. I just hope our young people are getting the message big business and polluters have not taken in for the many years we have spoken about this concept. I taught environmental issues in my elementary classes, and I know our young people 'get it' for the most part.

Scrappy quilter said...

Our weather is crazy here too. All Sept. we've had +25C - +30C. Last night we got a touch of frost and yet over the next couple of days it's suppose to be +25C again. We had 9 straight months of cool weather, the coldest on record so we needed to have a warm Sept. I'm hoping it goes well into Oct. so we don't have to turn the furnace on until Nov.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sandi McBride said...

I want to see pictures of the attic as it progresses...and we have what I call "the weedeater on wheels" because the weeds tend to eat the other one you carry! Next on the list is a wood chipper/mulcher...we spent way to much money on mulch this year when we could be making our own...we do own a forest, after all...can't wait to get started on that!
Good for Molly! At least she didn't decide there was a new pet for her!

DeniseinVA said...

I love this time of the year, slight nip in the air and you can keep your windows open all night and wake up to cooler temperatures. Wonderful! Sounds like you're as busy as ever.