Sunday, September 13, 2009

More adventures with the brush cutter/whipper snipper.........

I finally got the grass all cut on seems to have taken forever this week, but I did both the field and Kamikaze Hill this week as well. So after supper I decided to do a bit more of the whipper snipping.

This time I wore my wellies and shorts, and sunglasses. The wellies worked a charm, but I have decided to not look for a hockey player anymore, I need a fisherman. They have those hip waders that I have decided will be ever so useful, as they just wipe clean like my wellies. I may also make myself an apron using that plastic material that you use to make table clothes, to cover my front, as once again I was covered in grass.

Then I ran out of whipper snipper line, but it seems that its a bump and feed machine, but no amount of smacking it on the ground seemed to make the rest of the line come out, so I gave that up as a bad job; and will have to get dh to figure it out.

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