Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be warned - a whining post coming up!!

So today while I was hoovering up the 7,000 flies and sweating like a silly thing, a thought floated through my mind briefly - why had we moved out of our air conditioned brand new house to this????

I have to hoover every single day at the moment, as walking to the bathroom on a night in our bare feet to have a pee, we don't want that crunchy feeling under foot of walking on dead flies, now do we?

I mean it feels like a building site as soon as you go upstairs. Everything is covered in dust and dead flies. I do try and clean up, but honestly I am wasting my time. Where these rotten flies are coming from goodness knows? Now lady bugs have started to move in as well. I can't see the welcome sign flashing outside, but obviously all the insect world can. All I need now is the mice to start moving in by the dozen and that will be the finishing touch!!!

I have resorted to also spraying them with fly killer to make them die faster. Which in turn leaves murky marks on the windows, along with all the fly poop. So now all the windows look icky {{{SIGH, SIGH, SIGH}}}

Then the humidity had hit with a vengeance, which isn't helping me one little bit. I was sweating like a silly thing just hoovering up the flies. However that could also be me having one of my hot flashes, AGAIN!!! It was much too humid to work around the house, or in the attic.

I think next week when dh goes back to work I am going to scrub the house top to bottom to see if I can add some sparkle and polish to the look of it..........mind you I think I am wasting my it will be as bad again a few days later!!

So on Tuesday as it was so hot and humid, we headed to the mall to do some shopping. It was our first time going to Georgian Mall in Barrie and have to say it was lovely, they have a contest on their website, so if you're in Ontario you should enter it. Its so bright and clean, even the bathrooms were spotless........I am incredibly fussy about public washrooms.

I picked up some Christmas presents, but can't say what they are, as certain people read this blog!! I will be going back there are there were plenty of stores that I like, and the Homesense there has a great variety of stock, the best one I have been into yet. I must take dd one day, as she would enjoy it as well. Normally shopping cheers me up, but it didn't hit the spot on Tuesday..........


Kelly Casanova said...

Thankfully the change of weather to cooler will help with the flies, so you can look forward to that at least! I hope you feel better soon, it must be really frustrating to feel the house is not what it could be.

Unknown said...

"we don't want that crunchy feeling under foot of walking on dead flies, now do we?" This line just made me go EWWWWWWWWW!!! Just keep reminding yourself it'll all be worth it in the end.

Niki said...

Flies are much worse in the country than in the city. It souunds like you might have cluster flies...which are awful and there are millions upon millons of them.

We had a bad year several years ago and had our home sprayed. It does require strong chemicals but I didn't have any flies for 2 years after that.

They spray the exterior of your home, the interior and the attic.

Any exterminator service does this.
Maybe you should think about it?

Hope this helps

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this Gill. Sending lots of hugs your way.

Singapoare Plants Lover said...

I like your header photo. That is great.

Unknown said...

Crunch flies, oh i do feel for you. I know the good days will outweigh the bad in the long run so hang in there.

Karine said...

I'm so sorry about your fly problem, that really is awful. Could you maybe call a pest control specialist and ask him where they may be coming from?

As for the humidity it is equally bad here, although it has a chilly edge to it. My hair is just one big frizz fest right now and has been since Monday and I hate it! Anyhow, we must remind ourselves about how we complained about heat and humidity in September once we're freezing ourselves silly in January...

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Sorry to hear you are still have a run of bad luck
Silly question I know - but you do have window and door screens don't you?
Now when I pop to the loo during the night I'll keep hearing you talking about 'that crunchy feeling' and even tho I know its not happening in my rooms I'll still make sure i have slippers on lol
Take care