Monday, September 28, 2009

Alrighty, got a few things to talk about today for a change....

As of Sunday night I have managed to trap 6 mice over Saturday and Sunday. I know you're all jealous of my catching mice prowess and the fact we have so many of them roaming freely in the house...........NOT!!! I went out and bought six more mouse traps today, so have 9 of them set in and around the house. How much do you want to bet I will have caught 9 mice by the time you read this on Monday morning!!! We think they are coming in at the old basement, but not sure where.

Now we decided to give Molly a bath/shower on Sunday afternoon. So I go to the pet store to make sure I get shampoo that will maybe help with Molly's allergies. I also picked up a kong for her, and a couple of treats. As we were talking to the lady she was saying that chicken, beef, wheat and corn are the main cause of allergies and if it doesn't get any better, to try her on vegetarian dog food.

Did you hear a groan? It was my dad and he's saying, "only she would make her dog into a vegetarian." As I am writing this, a mouse trap went off, so up to number 7 now!!! So I will have to go and investigate and likely reset it.

Anyhow, back to Molly, so we may try her on a vegetarian diet if she doesn't get any better. Meanwhile dh is whining in the pet store, that I look after the dog better than I do him!!! :0) As we don't have a bath in this house, I strip off in the shower and bath Molly in there. She was really good, and stood still the whole time. However for the rest of the day she has looked depressed, which isn't hard when you are a hound!!! Dh even took her for a walk to try and cheer her up!!! She doesn't smell much better but her coat is just so soft and lovely.

She sort of liked the kong, I stuffed it with her biscuits and peanut butter, so it kept her out of mischief for a couple of minutes while she got the peanut butter out.

It didn't rain like it was supposed to so I was able to get a bit of grass cut on Sunday, and am over half way through the field. I am hoping I won't have to cut it again this year. Its such a difference from when we moved in, as the grass was knee high then. Now its a regular length and a lot easier to take care of.

We spent Sunday morning working around the house doing some odds of jobs, nothing overly exciting, but stuff that needed to be done. It was a bit warmer than it was on Saturday and we didn't need to have a fire on or anything, which is good for this time of the year. However it's supposed to get colder as the week progresses.

Today (Monday) dh goes back to work after being on vacation for the past three weeks. I know it will be strange not having him around. I don't think we achieved as much as we wanted to while he was off, and I know we didn't get away as much as we had hoped, but I do enjoy having him home. Just wish he wasn't in so much pain with his shoulder and his elbows.

Have a super week.......


Lindsay said...

A Kong was our last dog's most favourite toy. We threw it for him to let it bounce crazily over the tarmac drive - he then carried it around wherever he went! I admire your mice catching prowess - I am scared of them even when they are dead!

Connie Walsh said...

Tommy our dumb-as-a-post-but-cute-as-a-button shih tsu is intolerant to all sorts of stuff. When he is given kibble he chews at his feet and scratches all the time. He will rub his fur off...poor thing.

I feed him and his brother home-made food and the feet-chewing has stopped. Here is the recipe:

-Ground beef, pork or poultry (2 lbs)
-Equal amount (volume wise) of rice
-Equal amount (volume wise) of whatever veggie is in the fridge (no broccoli or onions--carrots are a fave and cheap)
-For my dogs they love when I add some spaghetti sauce to make it moist.

Leave 2 servings in the fridge and put individually wrapped 2 day servings into the freezer.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wow on those mice. Too bad you didn't have an outdoor cat. We have moles in town and the town cat has been catching them like crazy. They are so hard to trap.

Sorry to hear about dh's shoulder. Hope he can get some relief in that area.

Check out my blog this morning and see what I got at the MCC sale. Hugs..

Expat mum said...

You're a good mother - special diets and getting in the shower. Wow!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

that is a neat toy for molly...i love looking at all the toys for pets... becky, our kitkid has a cat habitat and loves it...she zooms in and out of it and running out and pouncing on us :)

that mouse ordeal...geesh. that would drive me crazy...

hope you can resolve molly's allergies soon.


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thanks for coming over to mine. Sorry to hear that your husband has not been feeling well. Hope he gets better soon. :)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hate traps that kill but its difficult. My daughter is totally level headed yet freaks out at mice, dead or alive.

softinthehead said...

Gill we had mice and I am afraid I couldn't face the trap setting malarky so went for the "poison they take back to their family" route. Nice eh! But I must say it did the job.