Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am really, really ticked off.......

with Staples.

I got a Dell laptop for my birthday, March 2008. I took out an extended warranty with Staples.

Fast forward to the beginning of August, 2009 and I discover that when I plug my laptop into the socket, it won't charge. We try dh's adaptor from his Dell computer and it works. So as we were going into town on August 14th, I drop off my laptop and adaptor (as they requested both items) and tell them the story of what is wrong with it. As its Friday night they won't send it off until Monday August 17th to the Sarnia repair depot, I say that's fine.

I keep in touch and finally they tell me on August 26th, that they need to replace the motherboard and the adaptor is fine??? Of course I question this, because the computer itself was working fine. They say the repair depot says its got permission for the repair and as its a Dell computer they have to order in the part and it will arrive on September 1st. I'm not happy, but what do I do???

I call September 2nd and the part hasn't arrived, but should be there on the 3rd and they will have it too me on either the 4th, or the 8th, as the 7th is Labour Day.

I call the store on Tuesday to see if it will be delivered to the store and they say no. The kid I spoke to said he would get the manager to look into it. Basically he said the part was in, but I had to wait my turn to have it repaired and he would get back to me. I told him that as far as I was concerned there was nothing wrong with my computer and I couldn't see why they had changed the mother board and I was for e warning him, that if I got it back and my adaptor wasn't working there would be hell to play!! That's why I mentioned it yesterday in my post as he made me feel as though I was being unreasonable.

Anyhow, we are now on Wednesday morning and the manager still hasn't got back to me, so I call him after lunch. Are you ready for this..........he did call me back but we weren't in and he didn't want to leave a message on my answering machine!!!!!!

He then continues, "the funny thing is you know you mentioned the adaptor yesterday?"
I say,"yes."
He says, "well they have discovered the adaptor isn't working."

At this point add what ever language you want.......

He then says, "they are sending your laptop back and ordering an adaptor."

He then continues with, "now we don't have an adaptor, but we do have a couple universal adaptors and hopefully one of them will fit."

Now I won't go into what I said next, but basically told them they had better find another adaptor at another store, this is when he announces, "well we don't sell Dell computers anymore at Staples, so not sure where we can find one."

Dh has left his computer at work, as it has some programmes on it, that they need for the welders, so I can't even use his. Without an adaptor my laptop is useless, as I will need to charge the battery. So needless to say I AM NOT HAPPY!!! And still the manager thinks their service turn around time is good??? What flipping planet is he living on??? Incompetent or what?

I went to the knitting club on Wednesday afternoon to take my mind off this, and honestly didn't enjoy myself . I feel as though I am not as intellectual as the rest of them, as they all seem to be retired professionals, so not too sure if I'll continue to go. However, the lady I was sitting next too, was showing us some dolls she had made for her Etsy store They are really nice, as was she.


DeniseinVA said...

That's just too bad Gill, very annoying and frustrating and certainly not very professional. As far as your knitting club is concerned, hopefully you will enjoy it more as time goes on.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, knitting may be just what you need right now. Repetitive actions like knitting and crochet cause a chemical in the brain to be released that helps relax you. Works for me.

Sometimes I think living off the grid without all the hi-tech stuff might be more relaxing. Other times, I just don't know about that.

Liz in Texas

Karine said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with your computer, what happened is just completely ridiculous, I hate warranties for just that reason and I always shudder when I have to send something back to the manufacturer.

Now, about the knitting club, I think you shouldn't bother too much about the backgrounds of the other knitters. You're there for knitting, after all, not for business ;o) I'm sure that if you get to talking with all of them and you all share your stories, you'll find that you have lots interesting things to tell one another and it won't really matter what your backgrounds are at all

Scrappy quilter said...

There has got to be someone you can go to over the manager's head!!

As to the knitting, I'd continue to go. Forget about the how intellecual they are. You're all there to knit. Find a few ladies that you can relate too and knit away. It's very relaxing and one way to meet people.

Anonymous said...

It can be so difficult when made to feel excluded. I'm sorry you had that experience. I'm sure there is a group out there that is just right for you!

Kadeeae said...

I feel frustrated for you as this all is apparently so unnecessary. Seems from what you've said that it was a very simple matter of changing chargers/adapters. No need to messing about with the motherboard etc...they are really having a field day!

I sincerely hope you left no "important" personal info such as banking details etc on it before taking it in. Reading this, I would not trust them any further than I could pick them up and throw them, as the saying goes. I would definitely complain "higher up" if I were in your shoes and also to any sort of consumer 'watchdog' association there may be in your area.

If knitting helps, let me know as I may have to take it up!

DianeLynn said...

So sorry about your ordeal and you are not alone. I have not only dealt with similar incidents but know of others you have too. Hopefully all this will be resolved real soon.

Stella Jones said...

Trouble is, these occurrences are getting more and more frequent these days and we are powerless to do anything. They just don't seem to care anymore do they, or there are too many people on the list or whatever. All I know is, 'it ain't like it used to be.'
Blessings, Star

willow and moo said...

Gill, I think that they are being idiots. My Dell laptop came directly from Dell, but whenever I've needed parts, they've been easy to source directly from Dell. On my previous laptop over the time I had it, I have had the power adapter fail, got a new one of those. Had a kid pull a key off my keyboard and got a new keyboard. None of these things cost me a great deal either. So there is no reason that Staples can't get your power adapter from Dell!

I really hope you can get it all sorted. I'd be very frustrated too.