Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photos from Thornbury.........

We went to Thornbury on Tuesday and had a lovely day. They have a dam and fish way/fish ladder there which was quite informative. Here is a link and another link to more info on it.

This was taken from the bridge, looking up past the dam:

This is the dam:

This is the fish ladder which was quite interesting:

Looking the opposite way towards the lake. The condo building on the right of the photo, a local was telling us they sell for $369,000 CDN which we thought was pricey for the area. As the main industry is tourism, and not a lot else, according to the local guy.

I have a lot more photos but I am having a heck of a time loading them onto blogger, not sure if it is a blogger problem, or just my Internet?

Went to the knitting club again on Wednesday, I DON'T KNIT, I sew when I go and I feel a lot more comfortable with the group. Still feel like an outsider, and of course I should I am new to the area, but I am warming to all the ladies, and I hope they are warming to me? I got another project finished while I was there. Going makes me sit for two hours doing my sewing, so its a good thing, and there is good conversation. Maybe next week I should bake some cookies and take them in with me?


DeniseinVA said...

Very nice photos and interesting. Glad you are feeling more comfortable with your group. Always takes a little while.

Decadent Housewife said...

Great pics! Take the cookies. Quilters, knitters, stitchers - we all love to eat!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting hearing you talk about Barrie, Collingwood, and Thornbury. I live in Midhurst so I don't live far from these places. It takes time to feel comfortable in a new group, so just take your time.


Evelyn said...

glad you are liking the club more! i have had trouble getting my posts through this blog lately so maybe something is up?

Jim said...

These are great.
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