Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late in posting......

only because I picked up my laptop, finally yesterday and dh had to do "stuff" with it to get it up and running and that involved using the stick for the Internet. So now I have my laptop back, lets hope that is the end of that chapter!!

Anyhow, on Tuesday we went for a day out to Collingwood, Thornbury and Meaford. We are only around 45 km south of Collingwood, then Thornbury is a ten minute drive from Collingwood and Meaford about another 10 minutes from Thornbury.

We had never been to Collingwood before, although I had been to Blue Mountain when we came on vacation here as a child. I don't remember visiting Collingwood itself though.

The main street is very pleasant and full of touristy style of shops. They have music coming out of speakers on the lamp posts which is really neat, and everything is very clean. However there was a guy begging on the street, which I thought was rather strange. See plenty of them in downtown Toronto, but didn't think I would see one there.

Here is a display of outside the council offices, I thought it was very attractive:
(click on the photos for more detail)

This display was one the main street beside Loblaws, there is a large one there.

Finally here is one of the lake as we were driving to Thornbury.

I have a lot more photos of Thornbury, as I liked that town a whole lot better. Collingwood is over developed for my liking. I will post photos of Thornbury tomorrow.


Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Too bad you didn't keep going till you hit Owen Sound, it is only another 15 minutes. It is a very pretty, small town, not overdeveloped like Collingwood.
There is a great terra cotta shop in Meaford that sells "seconds" and also a huge factory outlet.

Kadeeae said...

So glad you have your computer back now, Gill. You must be to! Here's hoping it's not in need of any more repairs until it's time for a new one!

DeniseinVA said...

A nice set of photos. Looking forward to the others. Glad you got your laptop back.

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