Saturday, September 12, 2009

Had a day out on Friday........

shopping!! We had some errands to run in Barrie, so off we go. We had a few things to pick up in Rona, including exchanging our brush cutter for a new one, at no to like that.

Popped into Home Depot, as I managed to crack the one downstairs......I know big butt!! Have you ever sat on a toilet seat that is cracked, boy it pinches...LOL

We went to Chapters and I got a game called "The Worst-Case Scenario, Game of Surviving Life." with 75% off, so I picked it up and I told dh we should practice it, as when we play with the kids it will help us maybe to win!!!!!!

I even went into the dreaded Wal-Mart to pick a couple of things up, brave or what!!

I called into the even more dreaded Staples to see about my laptop. So my laptop is in the store, the universal chargers of course aren't compatible with my laptop, so basically it is useless until I get the new adaptor. I am not happy, but what do I do? No idea when my adaptor/charger will be here, so I guess I just have to live with it.......

I changed my header and someone told me how to change the font and colour of the text. Didn't know how to do that. Sort of looks Fall like now, don't you think? However the weather up here is anything but like Fall, I mean its pretty summery if you ask me, so nice. Both me and dh were saying that we hope the weather holds, as it would be nice if we could hold off putting the heating on until next month. We'll see.



Unknown said...

I'm really hoping the weather stays warm enough that we can put off turning on the heat for quite some time. Although I keep hearing all these doom & gloom predictions that our winter will be long & hard. I hope not since I'll have a newborn and be pretty much stuck in the house if that's the case.

Scrappy quilter said...

Our weather has been really nice except for the rain that some of our province has gotten, up to 7 1/2 inches in one night. We had 3 1/2 inches. However it's suppose to get hot next week. My heat won't be going on until the end of Oct., hopefully later. I had heard that we were suppose to get a long and hard winter as well until a week or so ago and now it's a warm winter with barely any snow. I'm thinking they don't have a clue!!

Kim said...

Gill to change the title colour, go into Layout, then Fonts & Colors then scroll down to Blog title colour, click it and change it on the palette on the right.

Hope that made sense :)