Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A busy day around the Acreage

on Tuesday. This week No Frills have baskets of peaches on sale for $1.88 a basket, so I made jam with them, and here is what it looks like. I used the Light Certo, as it only needed 3 1/2 cups of sugar in the mix. It sort of looks like marmalade doesn't it? It smells good, haven't tasted any yet.

We went out in the afternoon as we had to go to Rona, and Home Depot. Anyhow we brought this home from Home Depot:

We got it for the $500 plus taxes which is good. I can even start it myself, which is also good. It sells for around $1,600 new and this one is three years old and as it is a Honda, it should last us for years.

I spoke to Staples about my laptop, as that is still away for repair......yes even I can't believe it. It went in for repair on the 17th of August. So I had a little chit chat with the manager of the store and he couldn't see why I was "upset" that its taken so long!!! Apparently Dell won't let the Staples repair depot keep spare parts, so they are too order in and that is why there has been the delay....I am NOT impressed.

Wednesday is going to be a busy morning in the attic helping dh!!


Kadeeae said...

Coming up on a month?? I don't believe it either, Gill - that's horrible!

I've had pc's completely rebuilt in less than a week! Have you spoken to someone a bit 'higher up' at Staples? I'd be fuming, lol!

DeniseinVA said...

That's frustrating to be without your laptop for so long. Hope it won't be much longer. I wouldn't be very impressed either.

Scrappy quilter said...

You'll never regret getting a tiller. Great price.

As to Staples, I'd be a tad bit annoyed too. That's soon going to be a month. maybe it's time to complain to complain to Dell. They certainly are a big enough compnay that you might get some results from going that way.

Your peach jam looks yummie.

Evelyn said...

yummm the jam looks yummy.

a month is too long

Clippy Mat said...

well i was going to ask what was it that you paid $500 for, but scrappy quilter's comment answered that question.
that jam looks delicious.