Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday morning......

Didn't get around to preparing a post last night like I normally do. Had a busy day on Saturday. The kids came over and worked around the place in the morning. We then went out for lunch to celebrate future son-in-law's (no they're not engaged yet, but if I call him that often enough maybe they'll get the hint!!) and dh's birthdays. Future son-in-law's was this past Tuesday and dh's is today.

We went to the Mono Cliff's Inn and it was really nice, especially the desserts. Also the kids paid, which was super nice of them and totally unexpected. As ds pointed out, they are working now, so it was their treat!!! When we got back home we were so stuffed we just sat about and let dh open his gifts from them. Ds got him gift cards for Home Depot and Tim Hortons. Dd and future son-in-law got him gift cards for Tim Hortons and Mark's Work Wearhouse. So all useful gifts. Me and the kids them played the "Worst Case Scenario, Game of Surviving Life Game," for a while, which was interesting.

Then me and the kids took Molly for a walk down the back field, which was really nice. Molly bounded down the field (on a leash) on the way down, but was just strolling like we all were on the way up!!

I started the fire and according to dd smothered it, so ds showed us how to start a fire correctly. It's a case of feeling old when the kids know more than you do, isn't it!! By this time it was close to 6:30pm, so we all felt a bit peckish but couldn't decide what we wanted to eat, so we ended up going to a Tim Hortons/Wendy's restaurant, where the two boys managed to eat a full burger and fries meal, washed down with a huge pop, I have no idea where they put it!! Dd had a salad, and me and dh had a snack wrap from Tim Hortons each, as we weren't that hungry.

The kids went straight home from the restaurant as did we. Overall it was a wonderful day with great company.

As it's dh's birthday today we are going out for the day, not sure where to. Do know we have to call in at Home Depot and Rona though at some point, as dh got a light for the living room there, its really nice, but the lamp shade won't fit on with light bulbs in it????? Also the whipper snipper we got at Rona last week, is leaking oil and is had it?????

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Scrappy quilter said...

Happy birthday to your DH. Sounds like a wonderful day yesterday. Hope you have a great one today.