Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If I had a hammer

Does anyone remember the Peter, Paul and Mary song, "If I had a Hammer"

"If I had a hammer

I'd hammer in the morning

I'd hammer in the evening

All over this land

I'd hammer out danger

I'd hammer out a warning

I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land"

Well with great excitement I used a hammer on Monday to hammer four nails in. Dh let me do it, which for those of you who know dh, that is an achievement in itself. You see when God was handing out "How to use tools skills," I was back in the "How to shop skills" line for a second time, as I figured I wouldn't need the how to use tools skills, how to shop skills would be more use to me!!!

So as it was just me and dh on Monday, I had to help him in the attic with some things, and he let me hammer in some nails. Now, dh must have hammered in a dozen while I hammered in my one, but I persevered and I managed to do it!! Am I any fonder of using tools, no, but I would like a pink hammer for the kitchen as a hammer does a multitude of things, whereas using the rolling pin, the heel of my shoe, and whatever I have handy to hammer in things doesn't quite cut it!!

We worked away all day on Monday around the house and got a lot achieved. Including getting the insulation delivered and put in the extension basement. We are still around 8 bundles short, but we need some different kind, which wasn't on sale, so we don't have to get it yet.

We have the little dehumidifier going in the extension basement and we empty that probably every other day. The big dehumidifier in the old basement is emptied on a daily basis but makes a huge difference down there. Sitting next to the dehumidifier is the new toilet for the downstairs bathroom. We're in no panic to install it at the moment, there are more important jobs to do.

The blue bottle/house fly situation is still bad, but I do think its calming down slightly!!


Clippy Mat said...

I remember Trini Lopez singing that. Good for you, hammering relieves a lot of stress. Great progress on the house. :-)

MyBulletinBoard said...

PP&M, way to go. Reminds me of our old protest singin' days.

Hammer away! Liz in Texas

Scrappy quilter said...

I definitely needed a chuckle this morning. Thanks friend!!

Miss L said...

I can Sympathize. I would say that I am definitly better at shopping than hammering.

mommanator said...

again I have missed a bunch of posts! but have now read them. I wish I had a hammer today to throw at someone I am not in a pleasant mood to say the least! The house I am selling is driving me CRAZIER than normal!
I love those plants you picked up and so thrifty! good for you

Decadent Housewife said...

Aw pink! You will be cozy, cozy this winter.

Cathi said...

A pink hammer sounds perfect!! DH won't let me near the hammer -- I have managed to try to hammer my finger one too many times for his liking!
E-mail me for the pattern you were asking about.

Unknown said...

LOL my husband was away recently and I used his POWER TOOLS, wow I felt really naughty LOL but it was so much fun ;-)

Handmade in Israel said...

Hi Gill! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Wow! A blast from the past! Lovely to hear from you and nice to read all about your new home too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my such a lot of work!

I love that song!!!