Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well here we go again......and being British

dh was up in the attic today and discovered mouse droppings. I found mouse droppings in the under the sink cupboard. So have set a couple of traps under the sink, I will have to get some more traps for up in the attic. Mind you we let Molly up in the attic today and she never went crazy or anything, like she normally does when she smells something. We bought these plug in mouse deterrents. They emit a high frequency noise that is supposed to keep the mice at bay. I know the manufacturers probably saw us coming, and thought some sucker would buy them and sure enough we did!!

So not only are we being invaded with mice, the blue bottles (house flies) are still bombarding us. Goodness knows where they are coming from, but both dh and ds were complaining at how many there were in the attic. By the way I figured blue bottle's were a "normal name" for house flies........the joys of being British, didn't realize it would confuse the heck out of people!!

Ds came over and gave us a hand carting down some stones from the attic. Dh has removed some for the ventilation in the attic, and ds is a heck of a lot stronger than us. So he carted them down the two flights of stairs and I dumped them in the garden. I have to sort out the concrete from the stones. It was a good job, jobbed and one that had to be done. My jobs for the day (Saturday) was to do a fire in the fire pit (done) and go to Shopper's Drug Mart as they had a 20 X the points day on Saturday (done.) I stocked up on butter $2.22 per pound. Eggs @ $1.29 a dozen. Stocked up on deodorant for dh and shampoo. I walked out of there with another 20,000 points.

I also managed to get a bit of weeding done in the flower gardens, which also was a good job, jobbed. Not sure what we are going to do on Sunday.

Oh and this couple are our twins, read this article


Unknown said...

Blue bottles flying?
I was startled!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Bless your heart, I know how it feels. We have a fixer-upper, too, and it's going to be a while getting it fixed up.

Liz in Texas

Clippy Mat said...

Sunday: you could put your feet up and RELAX! but i doubt you will.

bluebottles, yeuch. nasty pesky things. i wonder why we call them that?

i read that article in the T.Star and thought of you too.

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe friend, I hope you can get rid of the mice. We've never had any however we now have moles in our garden and the neighbours yard. UGH!!! We have flies however it's fly season so can't do much about that. Renovating...I can totally understand.

Hope you can get a few mins just for you this long weekend. Hugs..

Evelyn said...

hi gill, i talked to our friendly pest control guy and he said those beepers don't work. not sure what else you can try. we have a cat who chases them down for us.