Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Favourite Things Gift Exchange

One of the things we do is a gift exchange at our get togethers.  We give everyone a gift of our favourite things, with a dollar value of no more than $20 each.  Now you can spend $5 if you want, it isn't a hard and fast rule.

This year I gave everyone the following:

A Wrendale Tea Towel, as I love the Wrendale range by Hannah Dale.  Also I love a good tea towel, as I rarely use our dishwasher.  Now I did pick mine up from Zulily.  I have the matching placemats.

I knit everyone a dish cloth, as I love my hand knitted dish clothes.
I am also a fan of the Swedish dish clothes, so got everyone three of those as well.
Mine was a practical, useful gift.

The other ladies gave us the following:

2 ladies gifted us velour throws.  I got a red one and a blue one.

1 lady gave us a pair of Crocs slides; I love wearing Croc sandals.

1 lady gave us a "12 days of face masks, gift pack."  A mug with our initial on it and a candle.

1 lady gave us a nightie/sleep shirt.

1 lady gave us a pair of Norwex clothes like these;

I have never used any Norwex products, but some people swear by them?

So as you can tell by those gifts other than probably me, no one else stuck to the $20 limit!!!  I now have to think of what I am going to buy for next year!!

Next year's get together is the first Saturday in December in Midland, Ontario and the grandkids are invited!!  So choas will reign.  This year I said no grandkids, which was easy for me to say as I was hosting!!!


Linda said...

That was an interesting gift exchange. I have never had a knitted dishcloth or a crocheted one for that matter.

Joy said...

What a lovely gift exchange. xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you will love those Norwex cloths. I have the same set and it's wonderful for cleaning mirrors and windows. No more having to use chemicals which makes me happy.
Sounds like a lovely gift exchange - something a little different than you normally see.

Maggie said...

Lovely gift exchange, I'd never heard of Swedish Dishcloths or Norwex cloths, had to follow your links to find out what they were.

Jackie said...

Amazing gift exchange. I love what you gave for gifts. They were all exceedingly well thought out.

God bless.

Belinda said...

What a fun gift exchange! I love the gifts you gave out.

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