Wednesday, February 21, 2024

I'm cheating and thank you

Now that I have my painting finished, I decided to bring out another puzzle.  I got this one for Christmas.  To be honest, I think I will be pulling my hair out with this one.  All those pinks and purples will make it hard.  This also is not my typical type of puzzle, but I am ready for the challenge.

Now where the cheating comes in.  When I get a puzzle, the first thing I do is separate the edge pieces from the rest of the pieces.  Generally when pieces are stuck together like the ones in the photo below I separate them, as I class this as cheating, when I haven't put them together myself.
As I said though, I think I am going to have a witch of a time putting this together anyway.  I have set this up on the kitchen table and will pick away at it whenever I have a few minutes.  Trying to put together a lot at once isn't my thing.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles?  Do you set them up and pick away at them, like I do?  What size of puzzle do you like to do?  I prefer 1,000 pieces as I can set up everything on the kitchen table.  Anything bigger and I am struggling to get all the pieces laid out.

Also a huge thank you for your input on air fryers.  I will be honest I am still on the fence about it.  Will think about it for a bit longer.


Linda said...

I like to do puzzles. But, there is no room to set one up and Tommy is against it...grr. I would not be able to sit at a table for long. I suppose I could start one on a baking pan and work on that. I need to buy a puzzle to push me into solving it on a baking
Practical Parsimony

Joy said...

That's not cheating, it's being sensible and saving your sanity!!! < grin >

My Piece of Earth said...

I like doing puzzles, there is one still in the box, waiting for me to do. Sitting for periods of time putting it together is not my thing, a piece here and there when I am walking by is what I usually do.

Keeping pieces together is not cheating.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow - that one is going to be a challenge for sure! Oddly enough we were watching a David Attenbourgh (sp?) special just last night and it showed flamingoes and explained how they get their pink colour. It's because of the nutrients in the water where they feed. Apparently a female who has raised a chick loses their colour and it signifies to the males that she's not ready to breed again. Interesting to know (or then again, maybe not!)

Meg B. said...

I simply love jigsaw puzzles. I like 1,000 pieces, but will do 550 when I am short on time, and by that, I mean, need the dining room table for a meal instead of eating at the kitchen table. I am very selective about which ones I will do. I like landscapes and flowers, and truly enjoy piecing Autumn themed ones as the weather cools. I think the colors in the one you are doing would trigger a migraine.

Jackie said...

Harvey loves crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, me not so much. I have been known to help Harvey out with a piece or 12 when I go downstairs.

God bless.

Chris said...

Yes, to puzzles! I usually have one on the go on my dining room table. The current one is almost finished in just over a week but the last one, a Christmas present, took me almost a month. I don`t have an air fryer and don`t intend to get one as my toaster oven works well and takes up less space.

William Kendall said...

I remember doing one of the Taj Mahal. Lots of blue sky pieces.


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