Friday, February 23, 2024

Bonus points if you can identify what it's supposed to be:

Wednesday was the monthly craft club meeting.  I managed to snag a spot again, so that was good.  Now I knew from the meeting last month, that the regular woman who runs it was away and another woman was taking over this meeting.  So imagine my surprise when I walked in and a young-ish guy was there and was handing out supplies.

Turned out he had drawn the "short straw," and although he is a librarian, he is also an artist on the side.  He was a smashing young man originally from Nigeria; but he had such a long name that no one could pronounce in this country so he went by the initials of his name.  Unfortunately for him they were very close to be IBM.  So all I could think of was IBM, so whenever I asked for him, my mind went automatically to IBM, then I had to think to remember the one initial it wasn't.

He started handing out supplies, first there was a sheet of legal size paper, then a piece of card stock, then a this point I asked him are we painting, and he said yes.  I said you do realize that I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to painting, and a couple of ladies said they were the same.  He said this project was super basic and anyone could do it.

He handed out kids washable paints and some kids stencils and told us to experiment on the legal size paper.  The card stock was to mix our paints on.  I just sat there looking like a deer in the headlights........totally and utterly clueless.  He then announced we could transfer what we had done onto a 4 inch square piece of plywood/coaster.  So I made he give me the coaster, to help visualize the finished product and everyone else wanted theirs as well at that point.

My stencil was a bee, which turned out to be useless with the brush, so I gave that up pretty soon and my neighbour took it.  We fiddled on for a while, then I gave up and did my own thing on the coaster and this is what I did.

While talking with another lady we got talking about these Tik Tok video's we watch called Andrea Nelson Art, if you click on her name it will take you to her page.

So mine is sort of inspired by what she does.  It's a flower in case you didn't know, and I won't be at all offended if you had no clue....LOL

It cannot be used as a coaster unless I decide to put some varnish on the top of it to protect it.  Did I enjoy doing it...........not really but it pushed me to do something I would not normally do.  I don't have enough imagination for this sort of thing.  Paint by numbers is more my thing.

Although he was a lovely guy, he didn't really instruct us in anything.  I enjoyed doing the mobile more.  Everyone else was a mixture of very creative too, very basic and child like, like mine.  

Again I don't have a spot for next month's session, so will have to wait until the beginning of March to see if anyone drops out.

P.S. The children's paint which was washable, stained the tables and your hands like crazy..........goodness knows what was in it!!


Patio Postcards said...

I like your flower & it does show more talent than you think you have.

Nice that he told you he drawn the short straw ... great way to start (NOT). Our adult craft class at the library last month was something similar, a blank round cork disc, a box of paints & she said use your creative imagination & then promptly got on her phone to scroll. GRRR.

Linda said...

My guess was a flower. That was not a thing I would enjoy, either. Painting would be the last thing I would want to do with no instruction. How is it usable without being sealed. It seems you got to make the beginning of something. But, it definitely looks like a flower.
Practical Parsimony

Jeanie said...

You're selling yourself short, you know, and you shouldn't. It's obvios that is a flower -- and your mix of colors, shadow, texture is absolutely lovely. It has dimension and energy. There are many ways to paint -- details, abstract, tight or loose and everything in-between. There is no right or wrong way -- part of the joy of it is the freedom of finding the colors and making them work for you. You did that and I hope you will try again.

My Piece of Earth said...

Instantly I saw a flower, well done. I am not an artist either but try to do something that can be recognized.

I looked at the paint by number kits at the $ store, tempted but so many others things on the go which need to be finished first.

Last year I bought a small set of Inktense paints, to use on my fabric wall hangings. Using them now to give some depth to day lilies on a collage.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It looks like a lovely blue poppy (but what do I know!). I once took a watercolour workshop to learn to paint lilacs and thought I didn't do too badly. Brought my masterpiece home and showed it to Resident Chef who first said....what's it supposed to be and then asked if maybe I was holding it upside down. There endeth my aspirations of being a painter!

Jackie said...

I thought, wow Gill did a morning glory and how perfect that is.

God bless.

angela said...

I definitely see the bee.
And I think it’s lovely

Chris said...

I'm quite impressed, it`s lovely. I would be happy to hang it somewhere in my house. Hope you get into next month`s class.


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