Monday, June 17, 2019

So close your eyes and imagine this..........

hang on a minute that won't work, as you need to read what I am about to tell you!!

So on Saturday at Paige's party they had a bouncy castle.  So before everyone arrived, there was only the girls, their parents and dh and I.  The girls asked me to go on the bouncy castle and I said yes (THAT WAS THE WRONG, WRONG ANSWER TO THEIR QUESTION ON REFLECTION)

There is a small opening that you crawl in........that should have been an indication that this wasn't a good idea, but no I decided to give it a go.  There was a small platform that was made up of blown up material you crawled on to get to the opening.  Well when my "delicate" frame got onto that I didn't get on in the middle and I fell down to the side.  However not to be deterred I tried again and got my head down to my butt through the opening.

At this point I am sprawled on my stomach like a beached whale but couldn't haul myself through the opening, so dd is pushing me by my butt through the opening.  I get through the opening and the girls think this is great fun having their Nana in a bouncy castle and are bouncing around like lunatics. 

Meanwhile I am trying to stand up and failing miserably.  So to cut a long story short I made up a game where Nana lay on the bouncy castle floor and tried to catch and tickle the girls when they bounced past.  Which I have to say they thought was a fun game.

After a while Nana was pooped and decided to get out while the going was good.  So I wriggle out feet first land on the blown up platform on the side again, so end up rolling off the platform and onto the grass which was on a slight incline.

Both dh and son-in-law are shouting, "are you alright?"

Me: "I"m fine (my dignity isn't!)"

Fast forward to Sunday morning, and I guess I'm not fine.  It feels as though someone has kicked me in my right butt cheek, and all down my right leg.

So the moral of this story, if you're over a certain age and weight, steer clear of bloody bouncy castles!!!


Practical Parsimony said...

Oh, you did not have to warn me. I am too old and heavy, and I know it to get in something that has unstable footing.

Cathy said...

Well at least you can say - Been there...done that - if anyone suggests it again.

Seriously though...just keep a check on your aches and pains- hopefully you haven't done any real damage- but you never know!

T'Pol said...

I hope you feel better soon. Little ones must have had a great time though. They probably think you are the coolest Nana ever.

Maggie said...

Ha Ha Ha, Shouldn't laugh really, sorry It reminded me of the time Oliver wanted me to jump on his trampoline with him, lol Goodness knows what the neighbours thought when they saw this old womans head keep popping up over their fence!
Trouble is in our head we still imagine we can do these things, have a soak in an epsom salt bath, it's great for aches and pains. x

Patio Postcards said...

Sounds like you wrenched your sciatica nerve - that needs tending to! Thankfully no camera phones were out but you know that this tale goes down in family lore.

Jackie said...

Giggling here as I kind of did the same a few years ago, only mine was getting on a trampoline. Not a smart thing to do at all after a certain age.

Hope your bruises (physical) and your dignity are on the mend very soon.

God bless.

Anne in the kitchen said...

My husband and son would have laughed hard and long before asking if I were ok. Hope you feel better quickly!

mamasmercantile said...

Smiling as I remember doing the very same thing a while ago. Hope you feel better soon.

barbara woods said...


William Kendall said...

Good advice!

Rose said...

Oh, you should submit this to some magazine or something. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Now that is a pictureof the mind that will be recalled when I see a bouncy castle. Hooe you recover soon.

angela said...

My granddaughter had a bouncy castle at her birthday and both her grandmothers had to go in with her
Luckily my daughter hired one with a large opening so that big people could get in and out easily as there were lots of toddlers at her birthday party and they needed adult supervision
Thank goodness for her foresight
Hope the bruises heal quickly for you

Joy said...

Sorry, but I am giggling hysterically as I read this. I can just imagine it. Hopefully your dignity has repaired itself by now.
Live and learn, eh?