Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am not a happy camper...........

On Wednesday as the weather was so nice I decided to bring my geraniums up from the basement and plant them up for the Spring.  So I bring Molly outside with me and she is busy in the garage looking for mice.  I go back and forward to the shed and she comes back and forward with me, as after the garage her second favourite place is the shed, as there is mice in there as well.

I pot up my geraniums and start and hang up some bird boxes when she disappears.  I find her by the back fence, but of course she totally ignores me, as now she is following the scent of the squirrels who use the back fence as their own personal highway.

She then heads to the south fence which is a split rail fence, and despite me shouting at her, she totally ignores me and manages to get through the fence into the south woods.  As I am only wearing my crocs I have to run into the house and put my hikers on, as there is snow in the woods.  I run down Kamikaze Hill and am faced with the split rail fence, so I haul my butt over the fence and start searching for Molly.  Luckily for us, she has her collar on with her tags that make a noise, so I follow the noise.

I keep shouting for her, but basically I am wasting my breath as she takes not a blind but of notice of me.  I come across the stream in the middle of the woods, and manage to get across that.  I try to bribe her with a treat, but she is not interested.  Some sort of giant black vole/mouse/rat appears out of no where..not happy with that.......

I finally catch her and put her on her leash and walk back towards the split rail fence.  Molly of course is worn out and has no intention of getting through the fence.  So I have to haul her over the fence, and as she is filthy and wet, so am I now!!  I then have to haul my butt back over the fence being careful not to break it.  Only to be faced with walking back up Kanikaze Hill, which now looks the size of Mount Everest. 

Not sure which of us was puffing and panting the most but we finally made it back up the hill and I put Molly on the back deck while I finished off my jobs on the front deck.

So I have the metal ladder out as I am climbing up it to hammer the nest boxes on the trees.  I decide to try and hang an ornamental birdhouse, that I got given last summer.  I climb the ladder and for some reason I didn't have it steady and I ended up falling off the ladder and breaking it.  Luckily I was only about six feet up and the ground was soft and I have plenty of padding.  Got a feeling though I may have a few bruises on my legs by the end of the week!!

Below is a photo of the geraniums I have potted up.  They may not look like much now, but they should grow alright.

Here are some photos of the bird houses I put up:

I hopefully will have residents in them soon...........

So here I am on Wednesday evening with a doggie who is flaked out on the sofa exhausted with all the excitement of the day.  I don't know what I have done to her this week but she is testing me that's for sure!!!

Did you remember to put your money in your daily savings pot today?

Today's money saving tip:

If you were lucky, you received gifts that were sufficiently "high-end" to be packed with packing peanuts. Before you take those packing peanuts out with the trash, consider how useful they may be as filler in your container gardens.

Huh? you ask. That's right: packing peanuts are light and airy enough to offer great drainage at the bottom of a container garden, such as the raised beds I show you how to construct elsewhere. Why pay money for a product such as perlite to accomplish the same result, when the packing peanuts are free? You could also use crushed stone; however, not only will you have to pay for it, but its weight will make the container much heavier to move around.

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Tracey said...

I would have bloody well kicked her over the damn fence! Congratulations on the exercise.....I would have collapsed before I even got the boots on! xxx

MyBulletinBoard said...

Oh, Gill, . . . . . . ~Liz

Stella Jones said...

I wouldn't hold out too much hope about those geraniums! Looks to me like they've had it and you will need to get some more this year. I hope I'm wrong, but some of mine look exactly the same this year and if your look under the soil you will probably see that the roots have rotted.
You are very brave to put up those bird houses and I hope the birds will appreciate your efforts.
Love picture of Molly and the squirrel as usual. Animals are soooo photogenic, aren't they.
Blessings, Star

Kelly Casanova said...

I understand the frustration dealing with a naughty dog - it does sound a little comical though (stifling a grin)

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Bet you were glad there aren't any neighbours close by. Glad to see the end of the day were you lol
Take care

QuiltedSimple said...

I feel for you - we have a beagle too, and he runs off every single chance he gets. The first few times the kids and I chased after him but no more. Sooner or later he comes back. Todd says it is bred into them and they won't listen if they are hunting/trailing something. Good luck

Piece by Piece said...

I have just potted up some geraniums, but mine are looking a lot better than yours, I hope they servive.
Hope you are none the worse today, from your adventures, "over the fields and through the woods", and you do not have not too many bruises.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill!! Because of Cowboy, I hadn't felt like blogging, and now that I am finally feeling like catching up, I see that I have indeed missed something--Your birthday--Happy Belated Birthday!! If it'll make you feel any better I'm older than you and if I would have fallen off that ladder, I'd still be laying there! As for Molly, when that's happened to us with our dogs, I always feel like hugging and telling them off at the same time!! Glad she's safe and you are not broken after your fall! Enjoy your Thursday!

LHA said...

Molly sounds like a handful!

Lib said...

Molly gave you a work out huh?
Love the pix. thanks for sharing!

Kadeeae said...


Sorry. Honest. Was just picturing it all. . . loving your new header photo and Happy Belated Birthday!!

Leiani said...

LOL.... that's one way to fit some (unplanned) exercise into your day!

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