Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am now the proud owner of these..........

Aren't they just lovely?  Very 60's inspired don't you think?  They are also not as high up my leg, as you know I have chunky calves, so they fit a lot better.  Thank you to my dad and step-mum for giving me money for my birthday, that paid for them.

It's been bitter cold these last couple of days.  When I hung my washing out on Friday it froze.  Saturday wasn't a lot better, so no gardening for me yet.  We did order some spare parts for the lawn tractor...yes it's getting to that time of year, where I 'll be getting the lawn tractor out again.  Dh is hoping to give it a spring maintenance over Easter weekend.

We picked up some paint on Saturday night.  I got 5 gallons of multi purpose primer and 2 gallons of ceiling paint, and a three pack of rollers, that came to just under $200.  I couldn't believe how expensive it was. As I am going to be painting the ceiling, dh normally does it; I got the paint that goes on pink and dries white, thought it would be easier for me to see where I have been.  I have half a gallon left of the wall paint, so will have to buy another gallon of that paint as well, so that will be another $30.  We're at a point again where there is more money going out than coming in.

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Tooday's Money Saving Tip:

In the past house painting has been a real chore,we are going change that and make your next painting project last longer, go faster and save you money too.

Selecting Materials

The number 1 reason why most homeowners have painting problems lies right here, selection of materials. There is no such thing as a Good inexpensive can of paint! You get exactly what you pay for.

Considering that it costs the Manufacturer appx $4.00 for the can, label, lid, bail and shipping box, now add the cost of raw materials, manufacturing, markup for factory profit, freight, then the retailer has to make his 30- 40% profit, what do you think is in a can of paint that sells for $10-$12.00?

A lot of frustration

Better quality coatings will give you better hiding power meaning more square footage per gallon, easy touch up and longer life.

When I was contracting I would tell my customers, "it costs you 5 cents a sq ft for me to drag the brush across a surface, what I put on the end of the brush is up to you, .03 cents per foot and I'll be back next year, .08 cents per ft and I'll see you in 6-8 years" Get the idea?

Invest in a quality product and get off on the right track. After all, you don't want to be doing this again in 6 months do you.

What Paint to Buy

Quality is determined by the grade and type of pigments, resins, and how much water is in the can.

Don't just buy a big name brand and think you are getting a good product.

Every manufacturer makes an inexpensive paint. A well known manufacturers name on the label does not necessarily mean that it is a good product. They have to provide for all markets.

An $8 a gallon of contractors flat offers dry hiding, a matte finish, and covers everything. Don't try to wash it or touch it up. A $30 gallon of the same manufacturers top line finish has premium pigments more resin, and less water. This paint will give you more sq ft on the wall per gallon, washes and touches up well, and therefore lasts longer. Stick with the medium and top of the line grades

Interior Paints

Enamels are less likely to be damaged by cleaning than are most flat latex paints. They come in a wide range of finishes including,high gloss,semi-gloss,satin or eggshell which is a hand rubbed look with a very slight sheen finish,not a color.

In high traffic areas and where the coating will be washed often such as kitchens, baths, and woodwork, an enamel will be your best choice.

Flat wall finishes are more desirable in other parts of the house like bedrooms,living and dining areas. 100% acrylic formulations touch up very well and are very durable.

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Tracey said...

Great wellies! I cut mine down because my legs were too fat!! xxx

DeniseinVA said...

Great tips on painting and those are lovely wellies.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Snazzy, real snazzy. I have benjo boots. I'll post a picture sometime -- when I can get to my own computer. But I like the flowers on yours!! If I had snazzy boots like those I'd never want to get them dirty. LOL

So true about the paint. I think we're going to pay the house off before we even try the paint investing bit. Yikes!

Liz, Republic of Texas

Cathy said...

Love those boots!!
Painting and me don't go together - best left up to one who is good at it aka Dh lol

Lakeland Jo said...

I love the way you have all your fave blogs at the top-how did you do that??

The Witch said...

Cute boot's.
I have been looking at a few pairs also but have the same problem where they come up to high.
I may just cut my old ones and wear them another year.

Leiani said...

Cute boots Gill!

Ella said...

Happy Birthday Gill ....
Love those boots!
Blessings, Ella

Karine said...

Those boots are adorable! I actually haven't owned rubber boots since I was a kid, being a city girl I guess I just don't need them.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Are you trying to show us men up with your organised approach to life! Like your wellies though!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! These boots are fashionable these days, I saw similar pattern everywhere.

It was super cold in Montreal on Friday too... yesterday as well but I think it is warming up now. Montreal is always colder than Ottawa because of the windy boulevards I find.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Gill, these boots are so very cool and fun!! I rubber rubber wear shoes for the same reason, and the pair that I have for the yard etc., are bright yellow with Lady-bugs on them--They're so me!! :-)
Spot on advice about paint! I'm getting ready to start some in our house and appreciate the reminders!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Excellent post! Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

I went to a horse show last year, and all the ladies were wearing quite dashing boots like these!

I spent 2 weeks painting the cottage last year. What an event. I agree with everything you say. I was going to e-mail you, but couldn't - so public post: here you are!!!

Joyful said...

Love the boots. I've been looking for something similar for a few years now. We have lots of different kinds of rubber rainboots here in Vancouver but I haven't yet found the right fit, pattern and price. I'll keep looking. Good tips about the painting.

Scrappy quilter said...

Great boots. Like you I can't believe the cost of paint. Never mind I couldn't believe the cost of baseboards!!! Hugs, oh and btw much warmer weather coming your way.

Unknown said...

Those boots are really cute! Wuold you mind sharing where you got them and for how much? I need a pair and have fat legs too.

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