Monday, February 22, 2010

Isn't this the most pitiful sight you have ever seen?

What do you think is wrong with poor old Molly?  Well seeing the bath towels there should give you a hint.  I had to haul her upstairs for a shower and she knows that's what's going to happen.  She won't go upstairs with me when I have my dressing gown on, as she knows what's going to happen, so I have to carry her upstairs!  What you don't see from that photo is how she is shaking.  Its a pitiful sight, it truly is, and it wouldn't be so bad, but it's all over in 15 minutes at the most.  I don't know, I have tried reasoning with her, that it's for her own good, as the shampoo I use eases the itchiness on her skin, but that doesn't make her feel any better!!!  I can't win.

Then when I let her out of the bathroom, she runs around the house, rolling around on any rug that we have down, quite a funny thing to watch.  As I am typing this she is sitting beside me, and I have to admit, she smells worse now than before, as wet dog smells worse than a dry dog if you ask me....LOL

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting sewing and looked up to see the two horses and wagon going over the field.  By the time I had grabbed my camera this was the only photo I had chance to take before they went behind the trees.

(click on the photo for more detail)

While I was outside I took a random photo of a Chickadee at the bird feeder.
Dh worked Sunday morning.  After church I went to get my grocery shopping, so we both arrived in the house within minutes of one another.  After a late lunch dh went to do some electrical in our bedroom, while I sat and sewed.

The sun was shining and it was above freezing I am sure in the sun.  It felt like a Spring day; however when you are reading this on Monday the snow should be coming down AGAIN!!!

Did you remember to put your mone in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

In the winter when the sun is shining make sure you open all your curtains/drapes, or pull up your blinds, to let the sun shine in and warm up your rooms.  Do the opposite in the summer, in the heat of the day close your curtains/drapes and blinds to keep your rooms cool.


Stella Jones said...

I have the same problem when I want to give my cat her flea treatment! Doesn't it make you feel a heel! Your dog is gorgeous. I would love to have a dog but not possible while I am working, unfortunately.
You have a wonderful view out of your window!
Blessings, Star

overtiredmum said...

Haha - a very typical beagle photo, happy to roll in stinking stuff but scared of water! You're far nicer than me, I jst through ours into the river (not so nice at this time of year!).

Hope she's nice and shiney now xo

PS our beagle had very itchy skin (under her arm pits and on hertummy the worst) - we switched foods and now have no issues at all. The food we use is Burns pet food - I know they sell it in the USA not sure about Canada?

Anonymous said...

My dog hates been bathed and shivers just like Molly. He has sad eyes anyway and looks pitiful as he is been washed.
I lay lot's of dirty towels on the floor because when the bath has finished he does the rolling around on the floor like Molly.

Then he gets his reward....I dry him with the hairdryer which he loves. It also means we don't have to suffer the wet dog smell.

CannedAm said...

Poor Miss Molly. I had a rather large Chow who would tremble and I figured out she didn't mind the water once she was in it if I had it just the right warmth for her. Of course, picking up the 70 pound furball was key as I bathed her in the laundry tub in about 6" of water.

I had a Welsh Corgi who enjoyed smelling foul. Every single time she had a bath she'd manage to break free of her confines at some point (even days after her bath) and run down to the creak (we called it a crick...really too small to be a creak) and find some dead fish to roll in. I never saw any dead fish down there, but she would find them and she would roll in them until she was so foul and stinking none of us wanted to touch her to put her in the bath! Oh that dog!!!! She was so very smart though and there was no way we could keep her from getting to that crick once she made her mind up to get to it. The Corgi's name was Victoria. Want to venture a guess as to why....? (grin)

Your blog is the only one I can load today! Either I caught it before blogger went down or you're very special! (Maybe a bit of both ;)

QuiltedSimple said...

Poor Molly - she loook so sad! but it is for her own good - and at least it is over quick, right?

MyBulletinBoard said...

Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic!

Liz, in the Republic

Tracey said...

Poor Molly! Dogs really know how to act sorrowful don't they!!! xxx

North West London Girl said...

Poor Molly, my 14 year old son has a similar look when told to bath!

Karine said...

Poor little miss Molly! She really does look quite miserable.

You other photos are lovely, I think the one of the horse-drawn wagon looks great with the pine trees and the snow, it has a very idyllic feel to it :o)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Well, if Molly's look didn't make you have pity on her, it certainly did me...Not that I wouldn't have still given her a bath! By the way Gill, do wet dogs smell??:-)

Chicken Boys said...

YOU'RE SO MEAN!! Minnie hates her bath, too. Her feet slip in the tub, and it scares her. Max hates the bath, but loves being clean. After the bath he races all through the house and usually stops to grab a baby stuffed animal on the way.

Patty said...

Are you allowed to lightly blow dry her, with low heat, before leaving the bathroom? You would think there would be a pill to give her to stop her problems.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Poor Molly - hope she'll soon get used to her bath. I do feel sorry for the animals that get themselves in such a state. A x

John Going Gently said...

maddie looks like this evry time its bathtime.....infact she looks like she is about to be defilled!

chksnowqueen said...

Poor girl! Our big brave tomcat has the same reaction when he sees my dear husband coming towards him without a shirt on and the bath water is running. He knows. And once in the bathroom, he cries and howls just like a baby for Mummy (me) to come rescue him. He is such a drama queen.

When it is all done and dusted, he comes running down the stairs to show me what Daddy has done to him, and I am to fluff his fur so that it dries more quickly. But only after he has shaken one paw at a time in the most comical fashion, complaining all the while. It is adorable, and he loves to be clean, he just hates getting wet.

Thanks for sharing your pet moments.


DeniseinVA said...

Awwww, poor old Molly looks like my dog used to before we headed out to the vets. She always knew something unpleasant was coming. I wonder why a lot of dogs just don't like being bathed?

Enjoyed your photos and loved the look of your bird feeder. Very cute!

Leiani said...

Oh poor Molly!!! Have you tried bribing her with little treats through out the wash process? I'm so lucky our dog doesn't ming his baths, as he is way to big to fight him. But I usually get Del to do that job anyway!Our dog is a long coat German Shepherd, and he has the most placid nature and is so good with baby Charlie. Just lies there while he gets cuddled and patted and climbed on!

Gilly said...

Oh poor pooch - my dog does the same - hates a bath but needs it because her breed is also prone to itchy skin. Poor things!

overtiredmum said...

yes - we do let our beagle off the lead on walks, she does normally come back - but look here to see the state she comes back in:

I find a liver treat in the pocket is enough to eventually get the lead back on. In woods I can follow her progress with the squirrel chasing squeaks she makes. Is molly better behaved?