Friday, February 26, 2010

That woman will be the death of me I swear.......

As I mentioned at the end of last year, our mail lady retired after 56 years on the job, and we now have another mail lady.  Well I don't know if she is just playing with my mind of what, but she is driving me crazy this new mail lady.

I live on a rural route, with a mail box at the end of my driveway.  I was told if I put my flag up on my mailbox and put my outgoing mail in there, the mail lady will pick it up.  Never had a problem with this with Eva.  So four Fridays ago I put mail in there first thing in the morning, put my flag up, it wasn't picked up until Monday.  Never mind, it's a one off right?  Following Friday did the same thing, it wasn't picked up.  So I call in at my local post office and say, was our mail lady working today, and they say yes she was.

So I call the main post office and say, I am right in thinking that you will pick up mail in my mail box if I put the flag up, and she confirms this, so I say well this is two Friday's in a row she hasn't picked up and even on the prior Friday I had no mail, which is also unusual, as it's rare that I don't get mail every day.  Which brought me to the conclusion we don't get mail delivery on a Friday!!

So on Thursday, I have outgoing mail.  Figure I should be safe as it's Thursday and I generally get mail delivery on a Thursday.  So put my mail in the box at 8am, well before she delivers, put my flag up and think that will be good!!

Go later on to pick my mail up, as my flag is up, and she has delivered mail BUT has left my outgoing mail????  So now what??

I get on the phone to the supervisor at the head office and say listen help me out here, as I am mighty confused.  The outcome, is my mail WILL be picked up on Friday regardless and she has no idea why I haven't had any mail delivery on a Friday for the last month.

Now I was talking to Eva about all of this and she was saying, our house and my neighbours house north of us, is slightly out of the way, so it's easier to miss us, than go out of the way.  As I told the supervisor, I am used to getting mail more or less every day.  Now I am down to four days a week, I am not impressed.  Have to say neither was she........

This poor mail lady must hate me, but when I am told I can do something and what I am doing is correct then it's not my fault.  Also I do keep the mail box area ploughed out, so she can't even use that as an excuse, that she can't get too it for the snow.

You can see a photo of our mail box here

I got little to nothing done on Thursday, thanks to was their 2nd birthday and there was promise of big bucks all day, but you had to stay close to the computer all day.  I did get the first coat of varnish on one side of the closet doors.  Then I did some more paper piecing and some other bits and bobs.  I suppose with it snowing all day it was an excuse to rest up!!

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Kadeeae said...

That'll teach you for living 'slightly out of the way'!

Did she come by today?

Tracey said...

Wait in the bushes and shoot the bugger! xxx

MyBulletinBoard said...

There's just no figurin' some people! Hope you get your mail today.. . . . . We don't even have home delivery anymore. Sure miss it.

Liz, more snow on the way in the Republic

Louise | Italy said...

Oh that's very, very, very frustrating! I live half way up a mountain with no vehicle access, and you should have seen the face of the post woman when she asked whether we would be living here permanently! But we have a deal. She usually leaves the post with a neighbour at the foot of the hill, but if it's something really important, she brings it up. Never fails. And I love to gossip with her when she comes.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Okay! Left a picture just for you! ~Liz

flowerpower said...

How about you tell the post office supervisor you will make mail delivery or non delivery the next post of your Eden Valley Messenger article.

John Going Gently said...

leave her 6 eggs and a note!!!.

i have a badtempered bin man (trash collector) and I did that for him, and hey presto, ALL my rubbish gets picked up!!!

Karine said...

Hi there Gill!

First of all, I'm sorry if I'm more slow at commenting on your blog lately, but with my schedule change at work, I don't have time to check my blog in the morning anymore and I don't always have time or energy for it at night, but I do always make a point of trying to get to you :o)

As for your mail lady, we had similar issues with ours. Any excuse was good for her not to dleiver our mail. All it took was a few snowflakes and she would skip us becaus ewe had no railing on our staircase for her to hold on her way up and down, which was a no-no in her books, despite the fact that we kept the stairs perfectly shoveled. One time she even put a note on our bunch of mail regarding one of our dogs being agressive. Uuuuh...the dog was barking at the (closed) window in the living room!!! What did she expect him to do? Make it through the screen AND the (closed) window to get to her? For crying out loud...We filed a complaint and never had another problem. Sure, she probably hated us, but we didn't care because since she witheld our mail so often we had a few late payments on our bills, so she wasn't exactly our favorite person either lol

DeniseinVA said...

Just read this story, you are not alone.

Leiani said...

That must be so frustrating. It irks me when people inconvenience me because they don't do their job properly. Hopefully her superviser will have a 'nice' chat to her! By the way, I have a started a blog about my life her in Australia, and would love it if you could pop by sometime. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post (pardon the pun) - I hope you got it sorted! I agree with John - leave her a little thankyou present - and let her know how much you appreciate her collecting your mail. Keep her sweet - sad, but it makes the owrld go round - and I bet things will change.

If they don't - complain to the top, get her sacked - and demand the reinstatement of Eva (with increased wage, personalised electric wheelchair, whatever it takes...) ;-)

Al x

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
How far away is the post office - I'd be inclined to get a post office box if it continued
Take care

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill!!

I'm just catching up on your blog and had to say that I am right there with you on this mail issue! We had the same thing--When we called an complained, it brought the mail-carrier to our door the next day who yelled at my husband telling us he didn't have a "personal vendetta against us or our mail and was doing his job right" ...okay...For a couple of days afterwards we had our mailed delivered to our neighbors instead of us...But at least it was getting picked up and delivered! Hope your prblem gets resolved--It's so frustrating!!!