Saturday, February 6, 2010

Have you noticed........

the nights are getting lighter?  I am typing this on Friday night at 5.45pm and it is still light outside.  That is a good sign right?  We have been having a little warmer weather as well, not hot but not in the minus 20's.

Yesterday Kadeeae left this comment on my blog:

Ha! Reminds me of the movie The Money Pit!

What she was referring to was our house, and I have to agree at the moment it does feel like the money pit again.  What with the house and now Molly not sure what we're going to do, as there is only so much money in the pot.

I am planning on putting in a large garden this year and selling off the surplus on a roadside stand I plan on setting up at the end of the driveway.  I was hoping to sell the raspberries this year, along with jam that I make.  Plus I was thinking of selling some quilting/sewing items.  I know my dad was saying that I could add some of his birdboxes on the stand as well.  Hopefully that will all make the roadside stand successful.

We live on a road that is a popular route to cottage country, so on a Friday night through Sunday night in the summer is can be quite busy which helps.

I have been applying for jobs, but have had no luck yet.  Plus come summer I will be busy in the garden.  We manage on a day to day basis, just doing all the big jobs requires us to have a bit more money.

If you can think of any other ideas that would be great.

Did you see this performance by Pink on the Grammys the other night?

Did you remember to put your money in your pot today for the Daily Savings Club?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

1) The frugal gardener needs to be flexible, as in no master landscape plan set in concrete. The frugal gardener lets the plants be the guide and the garden sort of "happens by happy accident." For example, if you respond to a “free plants" ad on CraigsList, you will have no idea what you’re really getting. Being flexible lets you look at the new plants and say “Wow, they’re just what I needed!” no matter what they are.

2) Physical flexibility helps too. Keep this in mind when the ad on CraigsList says “You dig!”

3) Patience by the wheelbarrow load is also necessary if you’re keeping your gardening budget down. Small plants, cuttings or starting your garden from seeds is not the instant way to garden. Gardeners need to learn to wait -- and then wait some more, especially if you’re aiming for frugal. It can take years to create a garden this way.

4) Terms such as "meek" and "mild" don’t usually describe the frugal gardener. Toss the shy, quiet and unassuming traits out the window and practice being outgoing and assertive. The more you ask for free or reduced prices on items, the easier it gets and getting told “no” just pushes you on to the next possibility.

5) Creativity and an open mind will help the frugal gardener use what IS available rather than having a set shopping list of items that "need" to be purchased.

All these tips came from this site


Gilly said...

Im really looking forward to the change of seasons here...its been a very long hot summer and some cooler weather would be appreciated!

Canadian Saver said...

Yes, and mornings too, I notice a difference. Spring will be here before we know it!

I think along with the fruits and veggies, if you had the time you could also sell some homemade goods :-) I'm sure a dozen batches of homemade cookies or rolls would sell like hotcakes!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Getting lighter in the morning and staying lighter at night here too. Temps are warming up here too although we are still getting snow. As to the money pit...we are in the same boat. NEVER again will be purchase an old house. Hope your plans work out for the summer sales. Hugs

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I've noticed that it's light when I get out of work now, and I'm thrilled! I wonder how I did it when we lived in Alaska and it was dark so much...

Kadeeae said...

Thanks for the mention Gill, much appreciated :-)

Sounds like a win-win situation - you being on a "cottage" country road and a stand selling fresh goodies for them to pick up on their way to the cottage or during their stay too! Good luck with it!

Have you thought about selling a few baked goods too? Easy to 'transport' things like cupcakes or small loaves of different sorts?

I'd stop as I went by, lol!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Have you considered selling your handcrafts online, either from your blog or on a venue like etsy? At least you wouldn't be tied to a stand.

You have to wonder about all the allergies poor Molly has. Same problem for so many kids these days. I don't recall much of this when I was growing up. What's happened?????

More snow and freezing rain slated for late this weekend. We have GOT to talk to Carol. I thought she was supposed to keep all of it!

Liz, in the Republic

Lib said...

I am so Ready for SPring!:o)
How WOnderful Roadside stand! I Love them! Good Luck with it!

Patty said...

Not only is it staying light longer, but it's also getting lighter in the mornings. There for a while when I was taking the Granddaughter to school and she had to be there no later then 7:50, it would be so dark, that some of the children walking was hard to see. They should have worn a piece of white clothing or something to reflect the light, now when I take her we can quite easily see them. I love longer day light. I hate changing the clocks back and forth in the Spring and Fall, wish they would leave them like they are now.

John Going Gently said...

can you post some photos of your home and land???

DeniseinVA said...

The stand at the bottom of your driveway sounds like a great idea. I'm always looking out for something like that when we are on our Sunday drives in the warmer weather.

Clippy Mat said...

Hi Gill:
just catching up again. I loved the Pink video. that was an amazing performance. I think she's amazing. :-)