Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bit of a catch up..........


Well she likes her new food.  I have her down to 1/2 steroid pill per day, she's chewing her paws, but nothing too drastic.  I am picking up some of this Holistic Blend Organic Bee Pollen now this is supposed to help with the airborne allergens, who knows, it's worth a shot.  I need to get it into her system six weeks before the grasses and trees start growing again, so this will be the right time to start this.  At this point I am willing to try most things.

I ended up donating all her biscuits (had brewers yeast in them), all her old food; fish and sweet potato flavour and her shampoo, it had oatmeal in it, to the local animal shelter.  I also gave the vet her Omega 3 supplement, as that is fish based.........

Finally her back leg seems to be fine, she's a bit stiff going up the stairs otherwise she is fine.

As of Friday I can see patches of grass on The Acreage, finally.  The sun shone all day on Friday, so melted a lot of snow.  Which in turn let me see where all the dog poop was.  Considering Molly is a small dog, she poops a lot!!  I also dug out the end of the driveway where the snow had blown over.  It must have been knee high again in a couple of places.  Right beside the road though it's a mud bath, so that will be the next thing I will be complaining about, all the mud.

I finished the staining on Thursday and as I predicted I had the headache from hell on Friday and still have it.  That stain kills me, but its still much too cold to have the windows and doors open.  However on a more positive note, with the wind chill we are now only in the minus 8oC to 10oC, which is balmy hot!!

Now with having all this sun on Friday, those new blinds of ours came in handy.  Oh and that isn't a dead dog, that is Molly sound asleep on her ottoman!!  She was snoring again, I think that dog needs her adenoids out!!

An exciting photo of the close up of the blinds!!  If you enlarge the photo you can still see the snow.
The closet situation is on a go slow.  Dh is working six days a week at the moment, and like with any job we start in this house we have ran into problems.  This time its the electrical.  One of the plugs/sockets was to move.  When dh had a look in it, the guy had wired it wrong, and to cut a long story short that is only of interest if you are electrically minded, which I'm not, dh had to rewire it and pull new wires in, or something like that, and that involved taking up part of the attic floor.  I am actually writing this as it saves me telling my dad when I talk to him next.  Then he has to move the telephone jack again not a five minute job, and on and on it goes..........

I have to say it a bloody miracle that neither me nor dh have been shocked with these plugs in this house, dh is rewiring as and when he gets the time.  He's putting in a new electrical panel this summer, so he says.  As I have said before I have little to no interest in all of this, as I am of the opinion why do something yourself when you have someone else (dh) who can do things a heck of a lot faster and better than I can; that groaning and whining is my dad........I am so going to get a lecture next time he talks to me.....LOL

I have added more links to blogs on the section above my header photo.  If your's is not there please let me know, as due to me being nearly a year older, I have a tendency to forget things!!

We are having a day out from The Acreage on Saturday, as I got two free tickets for the National Home Show in Toronto  I was hoping to see if Stihl or Husqvarna were there as I need an industrial strength brushcutter this spring, in the hopes I don't burn out the motor this year!!!

Well that's my exciting news for today.  I will try and remember to take lots of photos at the Home Show.

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Ask your real estate agent for tickets to local events, especially if the company she works for is sponsoring the event!!  Remax is sponsoring the Home Show, and our real estate agent works for Remax!!


Lindsay said...

when we moved into our previous house more than 35 years ago we plugged in the fridge and were given an almighty electrucal shock = the previous owners had wired the socket the wrong way round!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm sure you're home will look perfect by Spring! I am a Brit with two Aussie children! I know what you mean about accents.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Glad to see things looking up with Molly!

Liz, in the Republic

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I will continue to hope that things continue in a positive direction for Molly!!

Enjoy your home show!! I love them, and hope your headache is gone so you can enjoy your day!!

**Thanks so much for the info on your camera--Another friend of mine uses the same one and like you, she gets great pictures too!!

Clippy Mat said...

Good news on Molly. You have certainly been patient and persevering with that dog. I hope she appreciates it. But looking at her lying on that ottoman like the Queen of Sheba, I think she does.
I love those blinds.
really? You saw grass?
now that is good news.

Karine said...

I'm glad Molly is doing better! As for your renovations, it reminds of my mom's house. What a nightmare when we moved there. The previous owner thought he was God's Gift to the home renovation world and he really, really wasn't. We had to have to entire place rewired and a bunch of plumbing redone, not to mention the job the guys had redoing our kitchen. But yeah, we had people come in and do it because neither my mom nor I are home renovators at all :o)

Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, dear! my hubby and Sady (the cat) snore. I love it!

Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !