Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ever wished you had stayed in bed for the day?

Friday was one of those days.  Woke up with a headache, always a bad sign.  It had snowed over night and was still snowing.  We probably only got around 6 inches, but in places on our driveway it had blown and settled so it was well over knee high.  It was a miracle that dh got his pickup out of the driveway.  When I went outside I couldn't even see his tire marks on the driveway as more snow had laid.

Lets just say my poor old snow blower struggled and I had to have it as high as possible.  It was the worst I had seen it this winter.  So by the time I had cleared out the driveway and brought all the logs in and cleaned off the decks I was just plain pooped. 

I had to hoover up in our bedroom and hoover up the flies and lady bugs {{SIGH}}  Where they come from I do not know.

Dh came home a little earlier than normal, as the roads were bad.  He went into the bedroom to do some more work in there and has ran into another problem, the ceiling is sloping and the closet we have moved will not fit properly now, so there is going to be more work to be done there, now.

I swear this was supposed to be an easy project, but its proving to be one issue after another, again a big {{{SIGH}}}

I am on varnishing the closet doors and have them in the attic, so hopefully they won't stink up the whole house, no such luck!!!

On a more positive note, we got mail on Friday and she took my other mail!!

Supper was good and easy, as I put a big pot of stew on in the crockpot.  Made enough to feed an army so I guess I know what we will be having for supper for a couple of days.

We got the oil tank filled for the heating and we had only used half a tank this month and it wasn't as expensive as prior months, at around $370.  The forecast is looking as though its only going to get warmer, so that's also good. 

So I guess in the scheme of things, things could be worse........

We are nearly at the end of our second month in the Daily Savings Club, did you remember to put your money in your pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

How many no spend days do you have each week?  Try and add another no spend day per week, and gradually add more and more days until you are only having one or two no spend days per week......


Lindsay said...

We had cluster flies in the roof void and we removed them with a smoke bomb obtained from a company on the web. Thousands of flies flew out of the roof and a lot died in the upstairs bedrooms.

Tracey said...

As much as I love snow I couldn't be doing with all that blowing and clearing....Poor you! You also must be sick to the back teeth with varnishing, no wonder you have head aches! xxx

lulu's missives said...

Morning Gill,
I'm wishing that I could stay in bed today but to answer your question, yes, I've had days where I wished I had.
Your photo is beautiful.
Hope the snow blower lasts the winter.
x jo

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Nice to see you recently - thanks for your comments they are always welcome
Your winter seems to be goingon for ever just like our previous summer did in 2008/2009 - the horrendous one that culminated in the bushfires this time last year
Take care

Clippy Mat said...

we have got LOTS of snow in this neck of the woods too. Just about to go out and shovel... no snowblower. I wonder if you need a smoke bomb for the cluster flies as Lindsay suggests? It's got to be somewhere like the roof where they are coming from eh?
good luck with it.

Kadeeae said...

Any breaks or at least short breaks in the offing? Sounds as if you could use one! Love your new header :-)

I'm sure you've read/heard it all by now, but just in case here a few articles/sites dealing with cluster flies. I hope there is something new somewhere in them to help you, I think it would creep me out having them about, lol.

Get Rid Of Stuff

Cluster Fly Control

Dr. Bug

Penn State

Karine said...

Oh dear, it sounds like you didn't have a very fun day...I hope things go better today!

On another note, I love the picture of Molly you put at the top of your blog!

Lakeland Jo said...

laughing! You say 'only' six inches- that would enough to bring the UK to a standstill for a week!

Margaret said...

Hi there - that amount of snow is awful isn't it!
Well done on winning round one of the battle with the mail lady.
I gigled to myself about your no spend days - since I was made redundant at my job a year ago and had to take one at half the previous salary I have five no spend days each week - and find it very easy to say no to anything impulsive. Every purchase is a highly considered purchase now - but thanks to your idea for what I have called my "dollar a day" I always have enough spending moeny for my annual leave time at Christmas. And a dollar a day doesn't hurt much.
Have a great day - I'm sending you sunshine and warmth (27 degrees celsius) from Auckland New Zealand