Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our day out........

We went to the National Home Show in Toronto on Saturday.  We had VIP tickets so for once we went through the "Dream Home"  It was very, very modern, and not my cup of tea at all.  However there were a few things that we liked.

The garage was really neat and I said to dh he should get the tire rack made up to store my winter tires on there. Yes that was some sort of fancy dancy tv in the garage!

(as always click on the photo's for more detail)

This is a doggy shower in the mud room,  It took me a couple of seconds to click what it was.  I suppose it's a handy thing if you have a dog, or even kids with muddy boots.

I love this sink, it was one of a pair in the master bedroom, and I could see those fitting in our house.  Wasn't sure what exactly you would clean them with, I suppose something that is non abrasive?

I have to say we were disappointed this year with what was exactly on show.  We have also clicked that before we make enquiries about anything we have to make sure they are willing to service our area where we live.  It takes us a good hour outside of rush hour to get to downtown Toronto, probably an hour and a half in rush hour.  So a lot of people won't even consider coming out to our area.

We want to try and get the basement windows replaced, but I had wanted to get a couple of quotes this time.  So I think we'll use the local guys again.

This is a photo of the Direct Energy Centre where the show was held.  That is the CN Tower in the back ground.

Next door to the Direct Engery Centre, is BMO Field where Toronto FC (Football/Soccer) play.  Notice the big wind tower in the background.

Food is so expensive at these shows that we decided to have a late lunch and we had left the show by 1:30pm.  So we headed into Brampton, and had fish and chips at the Heritage Restaurant.  They have the best fish and chips around our area.  They even had knitted tea cosies for their tea pots ever so cute, the same as this one.  They have a lunch time special of haddock and chips for $5.95 and you get a plate full.  We shared a dish of mushy peas, so guess we'll be "gassy" tonight...LOL

We also lucked out today, as Home Depot were having a 20% sale on all their interior doors, so we picked up the four closet doors.  They should have been $89 each, we paid $71.20 each, so the savings nearly paid for one door.  We could have done without getting these at this moment, but couldn't turn down that savings.

So tonight I am going to go through my bag of goodies I got from the Home Show, and read up on all the things we looked at.  Oh and dream about what we could do if we had the money!!!

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

If you're going to eat out at restaurants, eat out on a lunch time, as more often than not it's cheaper and if you eat a large meal at lunch time, you probably won't want much to eat later on in the day.

Sorry I didn't get around to visiting your blog today (I am writing this Saturday night)........


Anonymous said...

The doggy shower is pretty cool!! (pity we don't have a dog!) - ps there is something for you over at mine - have a great Sunday!

landcuckoo said...

Just on a catch up reading myself this morning. You are making great progress with your home and Molly is just adorable!
Luchtime dining out is definately the way to go, I always feel like it is even more of a treat too!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend
Sarah x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree, sometimes the "dream homes" are not the things I dream of having in my house--But some of the bigger and lavish homes here tout having a "dog-spa & bath area" at the backdoor--For me, in warmer weather I prefer to use the hose by the garage and let them roll in fresh grass afterwards--It's just more natural! :-))

I enjoyed the pictures of Toronto & I'm glad you enjoyed your day too!

softinthehead said...

Hi Gill, looks like you had a good day out. What an amazing garage, I would be scared to do any work out there LOL! Just wanted to pass on some info from a friend for Molly's drugs etc - she recommended you try Petpharm, they are located in Toronto but do deliver. My friend said she bought her dog's drugs for less than half what her vet was charging! Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing pictures and reporting about the Home Show.
I haven't been to the show for quite a while. Our house is renovated from top to bottom;)
Enough with paint and contractors..
Now, we enjoy our life in the garden, hiking, travelling and much more..
- Cheers Gisela.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Sure could use the doggy shower right now -- IF the instructions include how to get a 115# dog INTO the shower! LOL

Liz, in the Republic

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble commenting on blogger blogs at the moment, so I'm sorry I've not bee able to recently!

Oh your photos make me miss Toronto so much! That doggy shower is funny!

Did you get my reply? Also having problems with my email account, oh the joys of internet technology ;)