Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another busy but productive day.........

Tuesday was a super busy day. I spent the day in the kitchen putting contact paper in all the kitchen drawers, and unpacking the rest of the boxes from the kitchen.

Dh meanwhile had a busy day. His first job for the day was to change the mailbox. Below is what it looked like, I mean the poor thing was hanging in there by a thread.

This is what it looked like when dh replaced it:

Now in between hands, the mail lady popped by and stood and talked to dh. It turns out she was holding our mail at the post office as she couldn't deliver the mail to that old box. Anyhow, this mail lady is a source of information and knows everyone and everything about the area. What was funny, is that dh is NOT a talkative person, so I am betting he was cringing the whole time she was grilling him!!!

Now I have mentioned that the prior owners of our home left a pile of junk for us to get rid of, here is a photo of it (so far):

Well dh had a close encounter with a snake while putting more garbage on top of the pile on Tuesday!!! Luckily he also had a brush in his hands so at least he was "protected!!"

Any idea what this may grow up to be?

Also isn't this neat, this iron bar must have been in this tree for years for it to grow around it?

Finally I have this little family living in the garden, it's a shame they are made of stone!!

I must say I am a bit happier with the house, as it's starting to come together and looks a little cleaner. Wednesday I am going to tackle the mud room, that should take most of the day I am guessing, as it is filthy.......just as well I was standing in line when God was handing out those cleaning skills!!

I hope to have some more photos for you tomorrow.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Not long before you can sit on the veranda and rock in your rocking chair!

An ostrich named Sam said...

Gill, I feel your pain about uying a dirty house. That happened to me with the house I live in now. The day I did the walk though everything was and smelled fine. But when i got the keys and the house had been locked up for 24 hours, I cried from the smell of stale cigarette smoke. I washed every wall and ceiling but had to paint almost every room as they were stained so badly. The funniest part was when we were admiring the amber colored blinds in the kitchen. I pulled the blind down to clean it and discovered that it was beige and stained amber colored from the smoke. LOL

The piles of junk in the basement were insane, but out of the junk were a few treasures. The best thing was a hospital bed with mattress. I called a few placed and it found a new home with an elderly
couple. It helped the couple stay in their home together.

Enjoy your new home and all the work that goes along with it, it'll be so worth it in the end.

Laurieluc said...

Hi Gill--Congrats and love the new look of your blog. You'll have so much fun cleaning and looking through all the little nooks and crannies of your home! Looking forward to more pics!


softinthehead said...

Looking forward to more photos Gill. I think you have got some lovely peonies growing there. You will need a peony ring to support soon.

Decadent Housewife said...

The shoots look like Peonies, Gill. Hopefully old variety filled with perfume. Aren't you lucky?!

erin said...

a good wednesday morning gill.

i do believe those little red shoots are least they look similar to ours though...we are already in the 2 foot stage here in virginia. if they are peonies you will have some pretties in a month or so.

the little ducks are kind of interesting too :)

if i were in your neighborhood i would be so happy to lend a hand. wish i could.

until later.


Catherine said...

Too bad you were left with such a mess but once you get all the cleaning done you'll be SO happy!
I think those are peonies. Lucky you!

scrappy quilter said...

it's all slowly coming together. I think those shoots might be Peonies too. Looks very similar to our neighbours.


Jo, a retired teacher said...

I am glad that you can see a little light at the end of your tunnel. Eventually you'll be able to sit a while and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Oh dear, I used two well-worn cliches. I'll try to be more original next time. I think I need to get moving now.

Denise said...

I can't believe those people left all that junk for you to clear!!!! Well, yes I can really but what the heck! And that iron bar up in the tree? Amazing! Enjoyed the photos.

Winifred said...

Good job I didn't buy the house. I would have had a fit.

They do look like paeonies. Mine start off really well they are all in bud at the moment. Then something seems to eat most of them. Weird!

Look forward to seeing more of your new home Gill.