Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50 + 1 Recipes for Blackcurrants.....

I am not a fan of blackcurrants, but we have numerous blackcurrant bushes growing in the garden of our new house, so I have to figure out what to do with them.

1. Blackcurrant Jam

2. Blackcurrant Jelly

3. Blackcurrant Fool

4. Blackcurrant Pavlova

5. Blackcurrant Sorbet

6. Blackcurrant Ice-Cream

7. Blackcurrant Tart

8. Blackcurrant Baked Alaska

9. Blackcurrant Cheesecake

10. Blackcurrant Float

11. Blackcurrant Mousse

12. Blackcurrant Pears

13. Lamb Chops with Blackcurrant Sauce

14. Creamy Blackcurrant Cheesecake

15. Creamy Blackcurrant Crunch

16. Dairy free Blackcurrant rice Surprise

17. Double Crust Blackcurrant Pie

18. Pork with Blackcurrant

19. Blackcurrant and Orange Sour Cream Coffee Cake

20. Summer Pudding - a Delia recipe!!

21. Summer Fruit Brulee - another Delia recipe

22. Blackcurrant Syrup - homemade Ribena

23. Blackcurrant Cream Flan

24. Poached Anjou Pears on Black Currant Strawberry Sauce

25. Blackcurrant Sorbet

26. Black Mead

27. Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble Bars

28. Pear and poire william clafoutis with blackcurrants

29. Blackcurrant Mousse

30. Victoria Sponge with Blackcurrant Curd

31. Blackcurrant Swirl Cheesecake

32. Scones with blackcurrant jam and orange cream

33. Orange bavarois with blackcurrant coulis

34. Blackcurrant Muffins

35. Blackcurrant Jam Pudding

36. Panna Cotta with Blackcurrants

37. Blackcurrant Yogurt Ice

38. Blackcurrant Cake

39. Apple and Blackcurrant Pie

40. Gluten-free Summer Pudding

41. Blackcurrant Jelly with custard - you could make this with any type of fruit.

42. Blackcurrant Cupcakes

43. Blackcurrant and Redcurrant Tarts

44. Grilled Duck Breast with Black Currants

45. Blackcurrant Muffins

46. Light Lemon and Blackcurrant Gratin

47. Saffron Brulee Ice Cream with Blackcurrants

48. Blackcurrant Loaf

49. Blackcurrant Almond Bars

50. Blackcurrant Gooseberry Jelly

51. Blackcurrant Breakfast Muffins

Nutritional Info.

One thing I did discover while looking for these recipes, blackcurrants are more popular in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, than they are in Canada and the States. There are a couple I wouldn't mind trying myself, and I hope you find a couple there that you wouldn't mind trying.

Next week its: Cranberries.


Unknown said...

I love blackcurrants ...understandably, as I am originaly from New Zealand.

Blackcurrant juice and jam ... yummmmmmm !

Rosie said...

These recipes are brilliant! We have been trying to use up a load of frozen blackcurrants for ages. It's so easy to find recipes now. Thanks!

angela said...

I printed off your recipe for blackcurrant and orange sour cream COFFEE cake but you do not mention COFFEE in the list of ingredients. would you kindly let me know if this was a misprint, if not what is the quantity and when do I add it. thank you regards angela from the UK

Gill - That British Woman said...

Hi Angela,

I hope you see this comment. Coffee cakes are a name of a cake, but don't atually have coffee in them, a bit like Gingerbread isn't a bread, if you know what I mean?

Coffee cakes, generally have a crumb topping on them, made up of sugar, butter and flour/oats/nuts. I didn't look at that recipe to see if it had a topping.....

Anymore questions just ask.


Unknown said...

I LOVE black currants! I am US born and mostly US bred but I still love 'em. I have tried to grow some and always pick a lot each year locally (SE Michigan). This site is fantastic! So far, we eat them or make preserves. I can't wait to try some of these.
Thanks for all the recipes,

Jenny said...

I think (but I might be wrong) that if it is called a coffee cake but has no coffee in it it must refer to the act of eating the cake with a cup of coffee, ie a cake for "coffee time" does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

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