Friday, May 29, 2009

Buddy Friday - Being Organized.........

I try to be organized, really I do, but I must say some days I feel like the most unorganized person out there. I think when you put other people into the equation that is when choas happens.

For instance in the front entrance hall of our old house we had a green rug. Now granted it was 10 + years old, but it did the job. The movers moved it out of the way to put down their runners, and that is the last I have seen of it. I have hunted high and low for this rug, as it would have been okay for the mud room. I ended up buying a washable rug from Zellars with 40% off, as I just can't find it. And you it's always the case that when you buy something to replace the thing you can't find, the original thing turns up......well in this case it hasn't!

Another thing we have been looking for is a door sweep that goes on the bottom of your entrance doors. I had bought two for the old house, and had used one. Well dh packed it, and we have been searching for it for a couple of weeks now. We knew it either had to be in the garage or the new basement. It turns out he must have put it in the old basement as that is where he found it. Pleased to say due to him finding it, it saved us $20.

When hiring tradesmen, getting them to do a few jobs at once saves you money, as then they don't have to make numerous trips back and forth. We called into our favourite Home Hardware store last night and stumbled upon "K" got talking to him and mentioned another job that needs to be done on the roof. Didn't know if the roof guy could do it today or when we had stripped the attic. Turns out he can do it today, as per "K," so it's not costing us as much as we thought it would. By the way, the roof is that steep that no one, including me wants to tackle any jobs on the roof, even "K" said he wouldn't get up there!!

Sorry, not a very inspiring post for today or for Buddy Friday. For more posts that will probably inspire you more, pop over to Margarets Ramblings.


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Yes Gill I know what you mean. Our handyman who tackles all the heavier jobs in the garden is quite happy to put up hanging basket brackets, fix a shelf in the bathroom or even paint a ceiling ( a job I hate ). If I had to call out someone different every time I had a job I couldn't handle it would cost a fortune. It's what you have to do when there is no man about the house sorry Garak).


scrappy quilter said...

Glad you were able to get someone for your roof. Sometimes you just need to go with professionals. In the long run it pays because they should know what they are doing. It also means they've done it before and should know the precautions they have to take. A friend of ours has a really steep roof that needs new roofing. Both him and hubby often do odd jobs together on our homes. He's decided it just is too risky and will bring a professional in.

Have a wonderful weekend. Relax and enjoy that special awe inspiring place you have. The view is spectacular!!

Patty said...

Darn I thought you were going to say the green rug was in the old basement with the door sweep. Perhaps someone thought it was to go into the trash if it was rolled up. Who knows it may still show up when you least expect it. Hope you ahve a n ice relaxing week-end.

Janeen said...

I'm jealous you even found a handyman! ha ha

Rinkly Rimes said...

You'll find what you want when you're looking for something else! It always works!