Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think I have got back into my groove again......and my near death experience!

Tuesday, I decided to take everyone's advise, including dh's and have a quiet day. We had a bit of frost overnight, luckily I had put garbage bags over all my geraniums.

My dad had put a shelf in the bathroom vanity, so I put contact paper on that and emptied the last box from the bathroom in there, so that was a good job sorted. I then went into the garden and picked some rhubarb as there is a huge patch of it, and I made a couple strawberry and rhubarb pies for the freezer.

The small "pie" is a pear and raspberry pie I made with the scraps of pastry. It feels so good to be baking again. The only down side to that though, I had never used my oven before on my new stove and it stunk.

I sorted through a pile of paperwork and made a number of phone calls. Pleased to say got a few things sorted out, including getting someone in on Thursday to give us a quote on the new patio doors. The fireplace guy is away so can't call him until the end of next week, otherwise I would have got him in to give us a quote.

Now for my "near death experience." I told everyone before we moved, when I was going to use the lawn tractor I would be wearing my flowery wellies and a crash helmet!!! Well today I wish I had, had my crash helmet on. So when dh came home for work he set up the lawn tractor and showed me how to use it. I ran around the front part of the lawn to practice and figured I knew what I was doing.

After supper I had to go to the garage to pick up my car, nearly $1,900 and I am going to have to take it back in, as it's making a funny noise. Dh called in at Home Hardware on the way home, so when I got home, I thought I'd make a start on mowing some of the acreage. On the left side of the house its steep, and that of course is where the dandelions are growing the most.

Now common sense tells you, to find the least steep area and go down there with your mower. So I find the least steep area, and the lawn mower just goes hurtling down the hill. I thought I was going to die, I mean I thought I was going to crash into the fence. I closed my eyes as I was so terrified. So I get to the bottom of the hill, and thought now what, so I decided I would potter along down there, but was terrified the whole time. The grass was so long it was crazy. I had my blade too low which made things worse.

So I lifted up my blade and stopped mowing and made a run for the hill to get back up to the top. I managed to get to the top, and swore up and down to dh (who had since arrived home), that I was never ever cutting that side of the grass. I mowed the area in front of the house, but it is so bumpy. When I got off the mower, my legs were all wobbly and my butt was still vibrating. I swear if I don't lose any weight with all this exercise I will scream.

So if anyone wants to volunteer to mow my five acres, go ahead, as I have decided it's not my favourite thing to do!! Fingers crossed when I attempt to mow more of the lawn on Wednesday that I don't plow down all the raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant bushes!!!


Rinkly Rimes said...

It sounds like a case of live and learn!

Gaynor said...

hee hee...sorry but you did write it in a humerous way! Told you it would be better tahan a gym lol. Be worth it in the end though.

Anonymous said...

I avoid the slopes in our garden and let Sir P do those bits.

Glad you're alright,


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Oh my goodness, what a fright you must of had. That's really scarey. I think I would go all ladylike and decide that that job is man's work.


Decadent Housewife said...

See. I told you. Home Hardware. Next it will be Co-op.

pippa bianco said...

I love your blog.....British gal in Upstate NY, across the lake from you in small town america.

scrappy quilter said...

It reminds me of the first time I was on a riding lawnmower. I've never been on one since.

Glad you took the day off though. Hope you do it more often.

We've had frost too and they say we might even get snow tomorrow. It'll all be coming your usually does.

Patty said...

You sound like one dangerous woman on that riding mower. You need to practice more on flat areas. I wouldn't dream of doing a hill when just learning to use that thing. I'm sure it doesn't have a gadget like a push mower, if you drop the one part, the mower will stop dead, it won't shut off, but it won't keep moving. I guess that's in case I fell down, the mower won't go ahead and keep mowing and cutting off things it shouldn't, including my feet. LOL Good luck learning how to work that thing.
Hey guess what my word verification is? oventip

By the way your pies look delicious.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh. Wow. I hate mowing on hills - really hate it. Glad you survived and hope next time is better!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your lovely comments, I have more on mowing tomorrow.


mommanator said...

glad you werent hurt! they can be scary at first. I would volunteer, but I think I live too far