Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been to the "big" city twice today!!!

Now by big city I mean a population of 27,000, however it is the biggest city closest to where I live. The reason I had to go there was to pick up the new Emergency Number sign I had ordered. Our old one you can't read half the numbers on it.

We have to have one of these at the end of the driveway in the country, so the emergency services can locate us in an emergency. I was wondering is this something that everyone has who lives in the country, regardless of which country (i.e. States, Australia, etc) you live in, have?

One of the things I bought today was a hummingbird feeder, as I know we have hummingbirds around here.

Now where is the best place to locate a hummingbird feeder?

I also went across the way and introduced myself to the neighbours, which as resulted in us getting our driveway scraped after the next rain, and in exchange me giving him some raspberry bushes!!

"K" came by to measure up for the new windows and patio doors, and he took our old mud room door away as it was steel, so I made another contribution to his beer fund!!

Went back to the "big city" tonight (Tuesday) so we could return some stuff and I picked up another apple tree, as Carol rightly pointed out to me, I need two for cross pollination. I got a Gala one this time, as I love those apples.

I also managed to give upstairs a good clean and strip down the light fixture in the spare bedroom and dispose of the dead fly graveyard that was residing in there!! I didn't manage to get out in the garden today though.

Oh and I never thought I would whine about this..........but here goes, I swear it was too windy today to hang out the washing!!! I used multiple pegs, and they hardly held at all. Mind you it was all dry within the hour, and that included the big bath towels, so that was an upside. Told you it was an unusual whine!!


Hilary said...

That hummingbird feeder is amazing! Are you sure it's not an icecream dish ;) Sounds like you're having quite an adventure. Good luck with it all.

Marie Reed said...

I live in th middle of nowhere in France and we don't use these emergency number at all! What clever cookies the Brits are:)

Limey said...

Never seen that emergency number idea before in all the places I've lived - what a great idea! God knows people who live in isolated areas can be hard to find and in an emergency situation that could be bad news!

Beautiful hummingbird feeder - I hope lots of them come to visit and drink! They're simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Is it beginning to feel like home yet?


Expat mum said...

Not used when I go to England every year. I spent bloody ages driving up and down country lanes looking for my friends' new houses, with the name sign cleverly hidden by a huge bush!

scrappy quilter said...

We have to have numbers on our house for the exact same reason. Out in the country, they don't have them...I think it's crazy they don't.

You can place the hummingbird feed anywhere. We have ours just outside our kitchen window so we can watch them. They are so neat to watch.

Glad you were able to get another apple tree and also do some bartering with your raspberries.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your lovely comments....