Tuesday, August 12, 2008

50 +1 things to do with tomatoes.....

Like the zucchini, my tomatoes are now starting to ripen, so figured I'd post a few recipes, to give us all some ideas. By the way it should be 101 things, but it takes forever to post 51 recipes, never mind 101!!!

1. My favourite.......cheese and tomato sandwich....simple and tasty.

2. Southwestern Tomato Soup

3. Paola's Homemade Salsa

4. Chunky Greek Salad

5. Tomato Basil Quiche

6. Baked Tomatoes

7. Double Tomato Bruschetta

8. Fresh Tomato Sauce

9. Fresh Tomato Chili Sauce

10. Green Tomato Relish

11. How To Can Tomatoes

12. How To Freeze Tomatoes

13. Tomato Salad

14. Tomato Soup

15. Tomato Cheese Bread

16. Tomato Pie

17. Tomato Relish

18. Veal Stuffed Rolls With Pinenuts and Roasted Tomatoes

19. Baked Semolina Gnocchi with Roasted Tomatoes

20. Stuffed Cheesy Tomatoes

21. Tomato Roll-Ups

22. Minted Zucchini and Cherry Tomato Saute

23. Tomato and Parmasen Fritata

24. Roma Tomato Salad with Feta and Garlic

25. Spicy Tomato Soup

26. Mediterranean Pasta with Artichokes, Olives, and Tomatoes

27. Tomato-Paprika Salad Dressing

28. Green Bean, Corn, and Tomato Salad

29. Tomato Alfredo Sauce with Artichokes

30. Tomato and Mozzarella Bites

31. Tomato and Pepper Salad

32. Tomato and Red Onion Sauce

33. Tomato Bacon Grilled Cheese

34. Tomato Bacon Salad

35. Tomato Bacon Squares

36. Tomato Basil Pasta

37. Tomato Cheese Crunch

38. Tomato Cucumber Salad

39. Tomato Pie

40. Lowcountry Tomato Pie

41. Tomato Sausage Tart

42. Marinated Cherry Tomaotes

43. Tomato Squash Dish

44. Tomato Zucchini Casserole

45. Tomato-Cornbread Salad with Avocado and Cilantro

46. Tom's Crunchy Salad

47. Tortellini Salad with Grilled Tomato Vinaigrette

48. Tuna and Goat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

49. Tuna Cheesies

50. Turkey Nacho Bake

51. Tomato Chutney


Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Thanks for this post. Tomorrow I will start canning toms.
hope you're feeling better and hope you're having a great wk.

please sir said...

What a list - decisions, decisions - they all look so good!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Gill - I love your posts - yum.
A x

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for commenting, I really appreciate that.


DeniseinVA said...

Yummy recipes Gill. I love tomatoes and I thank you for the great selection. I can't wait to try them.

raining sheep said...

You are so awesome...some of these recipes are amazing and I am so copying them. You wondered what kind of camera I use, since I don't have your email here is the info. It is a Canon XSI Dslr and typically the lenses I use for my pictures are the 17 - 40 mm, 24 - 70 mm, the 50 mm macro and the 100 mm macro. The camera is just under $1,000 (The Camera Store in Calgary has the best prices on cameras bar none). The lenses are $850, $1400, $450, and just over $500 respectively...a bit of an expensive hobby!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Wow, we're six months away on the tomatoes but will try to remember to check back in then!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I have made # 16 , Paula Deen's Tomatoe Pie . It is fantastic ! and so easy !

Jess said...

I love tomatoes...so I will be reviewing some of these and saving the recipes....thanks!

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