Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am going to mention the "C" word now.........

what is the "C" word you say..............Christmas. I know it's only August, but before you know it Christmas will be here.

I started planning for Christmas 2008, on December 26th, 2007!!! I pick up presents right throughout the year, when I see them on sale. I also put $20 a week away, year round, that I use for Christmas. So that is $1,040 a year I save up for Christmas, which I find works well, as we do give monetary gifts to certain people at Christmas.

I need to go through my closet to see exactly what I have for Christmas, and for who, but I think I am doing quite well so far. I generally have to have Britain done by mid-October so that I can ship things by surface mail. I start on the Christmas letter at the beginning of November, and that generally takes me a couple of weeks to compose. I have a hard time with it, but as it doesn't cost me any more in postage to slip a Christmas letter in with the card, I think it's a nice thing to do especially when nearly all of our relatives live in Britain.

I am saving up my Shopper's Drug Mart points to cash in closer to Christmas and will get a pile of International stamps with my points, so that will pay for the postage of the cards. Of course I bought my Christmas cards in the Boxing Day sales, along with any paper I needed.

I make my own gift tags, by using my pinking shears (zig-zag scissors) and cutting up my old Christmas Cards. Last year I bought cloth grocery bags for the adults, and wrapped their presents and popped them in there, instead of Christmas bags. Think I may do that again. I tied candy canes, ornaments and mini crackers to the handles, along with curly ribbon to make them festive. A heads up for the Canadians, Canadian Tire has their reusable bags on sale for 69 cents this week......

I can't really go into too much detail with what I bought as family read this blog. I also slip in strange but useful gifts into their bags, like Christmas Kleenex, or smelly air fresheners, post it notes, that sort of thing. I generally get these things on sale, and with coupons pay pennies for them.

Have you made a start on your Christmas planning yet?

Thanks to Denise once again for the picture.


Ginnie said...

yes I have been thinking about the C word. I know what the girls are going to get and I made my wish list of needlework charts last week. Started my cards earlier in June, have cards bought as well from the sales last Christmas! mad isn't it!!

Niki said...

Ah yes...the C Word...actually I love Christmas and do buy much as you do, year around. I also tuck a little money aside each month, to help with the expense. I'm not doing too badly. A couple of gifts purchased and planned a couple of knit/crochet gifts. My goal is to be completely finished, and wrapped by Dec 1st each year, so I can spend the rest of the months baking, cooking and enjoying.
Loved the picture! How does Denise do them?

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
I am about finished with Christmas gifts. I do the same as you!
I am NOT a last min. person, it would drive me crazy! lol
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You are SO like me! My friends roll their eyes at me when I show them I am already making Christmas gifts,lol. Of course when I am relaxed and enjoying the holiday season, they are running around like crazy! I did the cutting out the cards for tags last year, I was so glad to have them when Christmas rolled around, and they were so much prettier than the bought ones. Check out my blog to see the great tea towels I bought from keepsake quilting. I bought the pattern there as well. Barb from Oceanwavesquilts.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
THought I'd drop back by didn't know if you read my answers to the comments on my blog.
We too, LOVE Cades Cove. We live close to C.C. and go there often for a picnic and drive the loop.
Glad ya'll like our state.:o)
You will Love Charleston area, its Beautiful tons of history.
Have a great wk.

DeniseinVA said...

Wow Gill, I am impressed, you are so organized. I am going to save this post to give me some motivation for next year. Not too late this year I know but I can start a lot earlier next time round. I used to buy gifts all through the year but haven't now for a long time and I needed that reminder. Thanks my friend.

Jess said...

Well i am behind...again... I need to start in on the "C"word though.. sigh.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Expat mum said...

That was like reading about myself! In fact, I took over a few Xmas pressies this summer to leave at my mother's. How compulsive is that? Actually my reasoning was that since the US postal service has stopped the surface mail option, anything weighing more that a feather costs more than its purchase price so I took some in my suitcase.
I also have a large pile of old Xmas cards waiting to be recycled into gift tags. What I also do with the particularly beautiful ones (how sad am I?) is glue them onto a blank gift box that's exactly the same size. Makes a very posh gift box!

cheshire wife said...

The older I get the more of a last minute shopper I seem to have become.

CannedAm said...

Shame on you bandying about the "C" word like that! AGGGGG! We are seriously debating a "family gift." If we go the family gift route it'll just be little odds and ends for the kids because the family gift will be the big deal. Not entirely sure how that will go over. The family gift would be a Wii. Of course, Santa always brings those who believe in him something nice. :)

But, ummmmm, haven't gotten a thing this year. I'm about to pick up something for my MIL...that's it so far.

Sabra said...

I'm doing the "C" thing when we head home for the States. So, no, it really is not too early to start thinking about this - or accomplishing this. By the way, your garden photos are lovely!

~Niki~ said...

Wow, you're good! I was going to make a few quilts this summer for xmas gifts, but life got away from me, and I had no time. :( So no, to answer your question,I've done NO xmas shopping or planning. lol. hugs!

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