Sunday, August 17, 2008

FOF for August 17th.........

I wanted a couple of things, so popped into A & P this morning. As you can see I got another cooked meat entree, that's number five now, and there is still one more meatloaf in the bunker in the meat department, so I will go back tomorrow and see if its there and pick that one up. I do have to go back tomorrow, as can you see the sausages in the background, well they have a sticker on them saying $1.99, but they charged me $3.69, so as we have SCOP here, I will get them for free. Below is what I got for free. Notice the cookies, I think I am on my fourth or fifth packet of those, its the cranberry something or other's that have expired, and as we're not keen of them, I sub them with the tea rings, which are quite good. This highlights the point also that I won't be shopping at A & P after the FOF is discontinued in September, as the expired stock on their shelves is crazy.

Anyhow, I spent $21.38, I got $18.42 in FOF products, and will also get another $3.69 back when I take my receipt back in for the sausages.

Will say though I am way over my grocery budget, but my freezer is filling up nicely so I shouldn't have to buy much in September/October.


Margaret said...

Hi there
Just want to say that I tried the recipe for Cheats Cabbage Rolls over the weekend and it was delicious!! many thanks

Gill - That British Woman said...

I'm glad you liked it Margaret, its a favourite of ours also.