Sunday, August 31, 2008

FOF for August 31st.........

I popped into A & P for a few things that I forgot yesterday, so of course tried to get some things for free as well. Below is what I got and if I had, had to buy those items would have cost me $13.77. I spent $16.24.

I have had a couple of questions about what FOF is. FOF stands for Its Fresh or It's Free. So basically if I find something expired on the shelves, I get the same item that is fresh (not expired) for free. Now I do have to spend the equivalent in regular groceries.

This only applies to a certain chain of stores in Canada, A & P, Dominion, Ultra Food & Drug. Now that have decided to stop this programme, the reason being, this was taken from their site:

July 28, 2008
Dear Valued Customer:

Effective September 4, 2008, the Fresh or Free Guarantee will no longer be in effect. As of that date, no free or replacement product will be offered at store level for products formerly covered under this guarantee.

Launched in 2002, the Fresh or Free Guarantee helped us achieve new standards in operational practices. It defined our Stores as community leaders in fresh excellence.

After six years, the standards we set for freshness have been met and we are moving on to pursue new programs to express our retail leadership.

To meet the needs of our Customers, we will continue with our Satisfaction Guarantee which is reflected in our return policy.

Stay tuned for exciting new programs launching this fall!

Now what is really funny about all this is that every time I go into the store I find expired things on the shelf. And you know what is really, really see I got another can of coffee for free again today.......well one of the cans of coffee I pulled of the shelf yesterday that had expired last October, they went and put back on the shelf. So I saw that, pulled it back off the shelf and got another fresh not expired can of coffee for free!!!! I will miss this programme as it basically doubles my grocery money, oh well it was good while it lasted.

Will I shop at A & P after the programme ends...heck no.....their grocery prices are higher than the cheaper stores and not when so much stock is expired, despite them reaching their freshness goals ;0) LOL

Tomorrow's post is more about the month of August grocery shopping.


Lib said...

Hi Gill,
You should have a nice stock pile from the FOF .Hard to imagine so much out of date there. They stay on top of it here, the Health Dept. can drop in anytime without them knowing.
Have a great evening.

raining sheep said...

Ah I see, we actually don't have any of those stores here. Calgary is pretty much Safeway, Coop, Sobeys and Superstore (I have been to Superstore once, and never again..never actually bought food, rather bought a $14 bra...probably made by some factory slave, was going to buy cherries that were on sale but was pushed out of the way by a horde of women who decided to eat out of the bin - well, that was the end of that! :(. Sobeys is a few blocks from my house so I pretty much just shop there. You would be horrified at my shopping habits as I actually do not shop for the week...we just pick up groceries for the one night meal on the way from work...There is also a couple of very expensive organic markets really close by which I usually go to because they have the most amazing cheese...I totally lose all frugal control when I see amazing cheese :) To damage control my unfrugal shopping habits, I pretty much make everything from scratch. The only canned thing I buy is canned whole tomatoes.

Unknown said...

I will probably still shop at A&P (soon to be Metro) if the sales are very good or in the winter when I run out of milk or other neccessities. It's the closest grocery store to me - only a few minutes walk. But I will miss FOF!

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