Monday, August 11, 2008

Neat cooking/recipe links..........

Are you ever stuck for what to make for supper? There is food in the cupboard but you're not sure what to do with it? This site lets you tick off what you have and then gives you recipe suggestions, what could be easier?

Do you love certain foods in a restaurant and wish you could make them at home? Well at this site they show you the copycat recipes. However if you can't find a recipe there, how about looking here for more copycat recipes.

Then of course who doesn't love pizza's........have you seen the price of ordering in pizza, crazy, so why not make your own and this site is all about pizzas.

Chef Mom has a bit of everything on it, and is very easy to navigate.

This is a neat e-book that you can download which has lots of good recipes on it. It is 33 pages long, but you can print out just the pages you need. Its worth taking a look at in my opinion.

On Recipe Zaar they even have a section on Economical Meal recipes, how neat is that? Just scan through and you can see something that will fit your budget.........

Do you have a breadmaker? I do and I love it. Here is a site with 1,432 recipes for your breadmaker.

For those of you with Children here is a site with 101 Children's Lunchbox Recipes, and there is this site called Razzle Dazzle Recipes, don't you just love that name? This one is a British site, so may include things, us North Americans had never thought of?

Here is a couple of sites with budget recipe ideas. This one is a government site, but still good all the same!! I am a big fan of the Canadian Living Magazine and these recipes are from their website. I have just found this Australian Site, but have to say I am loving their ideas, and they have a great budget recipe section. I get the Prima Magazine from Britain, and this is the website for the magazine and it has a great budget recipe section.

Well that is a few links to get you started. Hopefully there is something you can use on there :0)


Niki said...

Thanks for these Gill, I love recipes! I read cookbooks like novels.

I'll be sure to check them out.

DeniseinVA said...

Yes, thanks Gill, I shall enjoy looking through these links. Enjoy your blog posts very much - always so interesting to read.

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