Friday, June 13, 2008

A morning in the garden.....

Thursday morning was spent in the garden, cutting that football field size of a lawn that we have, I am exaggerating, but by the time I have finished, that's what it feels like. I then start with the Weed Hound which is a very handy tool to pull out all those weeds in your lawn.


Now we shouldn't have weeds in our lawn, as we have a lawn service that comes in to weed and feed our lawn. So I wonder why I am pulling a pail full of weeds out of my lawn every week???? Well I do have an answer for that..........they haven't put any weed killer on our grass yet? Why not I have no idea. I did however have a delightful telemarketer (who by the way denied he was a telemarketer) on the phone from our lawn service trying to sell me all sorts of other things at over the top prices........Now I know they are only doing their jobs but don't flat out lie to me, especially when its hot and humid outside and I'm tired!!!! To cut a long and not so nice story short, I called our lawn service and rounded them up and told them to get there bottoms over to my house as I was fed up with all the weeds in my grass, and no I am not paying $133 to have grub control put on my grass I want a better price than that. Not sure whether it was my tone of voice or not, but she ended up reducing it to $110. They still haven't put the weed killer on my grass, but she did say either the end of this week or beginning of next. I can see a follow up call in the horizon.........

Right now that I have got that off my chest back to the garden.

We back onto a "ravine," which actually is a weed and mosquito infested ditch, which is garbage strewn (mental note must call the city and get them rounded up as well, to come and do the spring clean up in our "ravine") and according to whomever, the planners or the city, no idea who, it is a naturalized area. Which to my mind is a code word for "we don't have to do anything with it, as its supposed to look like a natural mess, with knee high grass and weeds galore."

I seem to be on a bit of a roll today don't I? Okay back to the garden.....So as we back onto this "ravine," there is thistles galore there, which just love my garden. So despite the fact I clean out the thistles once a week from my flower bed, I still manage to get a pail of thistles out of that flower bed every week. Also now I have thistles in my lawn...........where is that lawn service?????

Anyhow, here are some photo's of some of the flowers and veggies in my garden.

A pink poppy. It is past its best but still nice.

Another red poppy, again past its best, this was has a nice frilly edge on it.

A pretty Sweet William.

My honeysuckle, which is just starting to flower.

This is an "artistic" photo of my honeysuckle with my piece of garden sculpture which I got at Home Sense, I can't remember what the store is called in the States.

The first pods on my peas. There is nothing nicer than eating fresh peas out of the pods.

And finally, my first flower on my tomato plant. This variety is called Brandy Wine, I think. An ex-coworker gave me three tomato plants. I am the only one in the house that likes tomatoes. Generally I give the excess the my neighbours and to my co-workers.

I do feel that my photo's are a bit better today?


DeniseinVA said...

Weeds or no weeds, you sure do have pretty flowers and I am impressed with the peas. I haven't grown any vegetables for a long time but I remember my Dad's vegetable garden. They were organic before 'organic' became the 'in word' and there was nothing better than the taste of home-grown vegetables. Your photos always look great to me.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks Denise, I do believe I am improving, but I do have a long way to go yet with the photography!!!

Lynn said...

Love the pink poppy! We have red, white, and the dark orange ones.
-lmno elsewhere! :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for stopping by Lynn!!

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