Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another thing I do.............

is read the newspaper everyday. We subscribe to the Toronto Star daily and with my breakfast I scan the newspaper. There were a number of articles in Friday's paper that were interesting to me.

One thing that is on most people's minds is how the price of food is escalating. One interesting fact in "Canada Dodges Hikes in Food Prices" is that: Only 2 per cent of the price you paid for that morning bowl of cereal represents the cost of the grain. There were more interesting facts in the article.

Then that same article had pie charts and graphs showing us that our actual prices of groceries in Canada have only gone up by 1.2%, compared to 5.9% in the States. Now personally,I don't think that is right. I know for a fact what I was paying for a 10kg bag of flour, only buys me 2.5kg??? The same with margarine, the same with rice.

Also manufacturers are not stupid, rather than raise the prices, they reduce the size of the product. 10lbs of potatoes that cost $1.99 a bag, is still $1.99 a bag, but you only get 7lbs of potatoes, hello, where did the other three pounds of potatoes go to? Cheese used to be always 600 grams, now it is down to 520 grams. I swear the size of the toilet paper rolls have shrunk, and on and on it goes.

Another interesting article was titled "Geeks connect with needy kids." What a great idea, refurbishing old computers and giving them to people who normally couldn't afford them. I know we have a couple of old computers down the basement, I should get dh to take all the info off of them and maybe we could donate them. I will have to look into this further.

The Ontario Government was trying to eliminate saying the Lord's Prayer before every session started. To cut a long story short, they have decided to rotate a variety of prayers from other religions along with the Lord's Prayer. Now what was interesting about this article, in the newspaper itself, but not online, they printed each prayer they were/are going to use in English. I have to say I was quite surprised with some of the translations. A lot of these prayers have a lot in common, but still these religions fight with one another. This is my personal opinion only, but if it were me, I would go with the few moments of silence where everyone said their own prayers to themselves, that way no one is upset, or feel as though they are being left out!!!!

Then to the bizarre, Stiletto Shoes for babies??? Honestly I am not too sure what to say about this, other than what will they think of next, or just give me the $40, as I can no doubt put it to better use than you can!!!!

The one thing I do everyday is the Sudoku that is in the newspaper. I find it stimulates the mind and I thought I either read or heard it somewhere, that it can help prevent Alzheimer's? I have actually just googled this and here is an article that supports this theory. Our newspaper starts off with the easy Sudoku on a Monday and they gradually get more difficult as the week progresses. On a good week I can do the Monday through Friday. I have yet to solve the Saturday puzzle, and on a Sunday its a three part puzzle, and I can usually solve two parts but not the third.

So there you go a couple of things to mull over from Friday's paper.

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Rose said...

My brother and I talk often about how stuff keeps the same price, and lots of times manufacturers still use the same size bag/box etc....but there is less in it. I had rather just pay more and get the original is what I am used to getting.

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